“Twitter API” used for account verification etc will be charged from February 9

[Diweddarwyd 2023/02/02 20:45]As a result of confirming with Twitter on February 2nd, Yostar replied “It does not affect the specifications for connecting to game accounts”.azure lane]etc., from each title’s official Twitter account. However, just in case, the company calls on users to proceed with cooperation in another way, such as issuing a transfer code, email […]

The prequel to the adventure game “Road 96: Mile 0”, which depicts the reason for exile from a dictatorship, will be released on April 4th.

The publisher (distributor) PLAION is a highly acclaimed adventure game released in June 2022.『Route 96』For the first part of this work“Route 96: Mile 0”ohReleased Tuesday, April 4publish This work will be sold as download software only for PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows). “Road 96: […]

“Minecraft Legends” will be released on April 19, Japan time

Microsoft’s new information program was introduced on Thursday, January 26「Developer_Direct」in“Minecraft Legends”will be released on April 18th in local time (April 19th in Japan time). “Minecraft Legends”“Ore Craft”Works included in the series, in fullaction strategy gameplan as. Familiar elements from the original, such as a block-shaped world, various monsters, and tools such as diamond swords, will […]

Nintendo announces what to do when vaporization occurs on Nintendo Switch

The official Nintendo Support Twitter account will be on January 23 (Monday) on Nintendo Switch.What to do if condensation occursofficially announced. Condensation may form on the game console if the temperature of the place where the game console is placed changes suddenly. If condensation occurs, turn off the power and place in a warm room […]

Makes you feel a bond with Kudo. “Little Busters! The design of model Nomi Kudryavka’s wristwatch, which has a design that incorporates the memorable scenes from the series, is so cute that you might want to shout “Wow!”…!

essential when studyingWatch!What kind of watch do you usually wear when you’re busy with exams, qualifications, or studying to be an astronaut? The watch I would like to introduce this time, even when you are tired.“Wafu!”Heal me“Kudryavka”and watch. With this, you can study more and enjoy your youth!  “Game goods you want to use every […]