“Intestinal” dysfunction can be a cause of anxiety and “depression”

Key Points: The “gut” is called the “2nd brain” of humans, and it can work on its own. decide automatically and the brain does not require command from the nervous system and can produce certain neurotransmitters associated with mental health “Serotonin” (Serotonin) is a neurotransmitter that is produced from the intestinal and gastrointestinal tract up […]

Mammootty Wingpotty; Jayaram and Dileep could not stop crying; Thousands travel in Kochi

27th March 2023 11:16 AM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk Kochi: Malayalam film world pays tribute to veteran actor Innocent. Many of the colleagues could not bear the demise of the beloved actor. Many people reacted to the media with emotion. Actors including Mammootty had reached the hospital where Innocent was undergoing treatment the other day. […]

Research shows youth smoke More than half of “E-Cigarettes and Cannabis Extract” suffer from anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

American research clearly shows youth smoke E-cigarettes – THC vapor extracted from marijuana 60% had anxiety, 50% depression, and more than 50% suicidal thoughts in the past 12 months. On March 10, Assistant Professor Dr. Witch Kasemsup, Director of the Research and Information Management Center for Tobacco Control (TRC), said from an article at the […]

When you feel foggy in your head, brain fog

Psychiatric Newspaper | Kim In-soo, Specialist in the Department of Psychiatry Photo_ freepik Have you ever had the experience of driving in foggy conditions with poor visibility? When you can’t see an inch in front of you because of the thick fog, you have to slow down as if you were crawling. At times like […]

What Happens In Your Brain When You’re Depressed?

Psychiatric Newspaper | Specialist Kyungsoo Woo, Department of Psychiatry Photo_ freepik One day I looked up at the sky, The clouds are rising and the sun is hanging over the blue sky in a beautiful glow, but have you ever frowned as if a storm was about to rage in the gray sky? Probably, many […]

Dileep in Vineeth Kumar’s film – CINEMA – NEWS

Produced by Grant Productions Directed by Vineeth Kumar, the film stars Dileep in the lead role.Grant is a film based on the script by N. Rajesh Raghavan produced by Dileep under the banner Chetty Productions Shra of the youth and the festival observed on the day of Langara Bharani The casting call came out for […]