Enthusiastic Response to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Speech and Instructions Among Cadres and Masses in Our State

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Inspiring Speech Spurs Enthusiasm for High-quality Development September 22, 2023 09:32:26 Source: Heilongjiang Daily Author: Jia Honglu, Sun Hao, Baiyunfeng, Peng Yi, Jiang Bin, Liu Chang Positive Response to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Speech General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions have ignited a strong sense of confidence and determination […]

Lujiazui Launches Large Restructuring and Asset Support Fund, Attracts Attention from Market

Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd (Lujiazui) has announced the launch of a large restructuring and asset support fund at the tens-of-billion level. The plan was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and is currently being implemented. This is the first real estate company restructuring project in Shanghai after the implementation of […]

Taotian Group Introduces New Performance Management System to Foster Frontline Employee Development

Taotian Group Introduces New Performance Management System to Expand Development Space for Front-line Employees Taotian Group unveiled a new performance management system today designed to enhance the development opportunities for front-line employees. The system will evaluate employee performance on a quarterly basis and will be divided into three levels. In an interview with Jiemian News, […]

Zhan Fuzhi takes over as the president of Chung Hsing University and will strengthen the construction of Fuxing Campus and Nantou Branch – Life – Liberty Times Newsletter

Zhan Fuzhi, the new president of Chung Hsing University, took office and will strengthen the construction of Fuxing Campus and Nantou Branch. (Photo by reporter Su Mengjuan) 2023/08/01 20:03 [Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report]The new president of Chung Hsing University, Zhan Fuzhi, took office today, and a tenured professor of the Department of Phytopathology of Hsinhsing […]

Collaborative Efforts for Cross-Regional Coordinated Development: A Step Towards Chinese-Style Modernization

Collaboration to Drive Cross-Regional Coordinated Development and Foster Chinese-Style Modernization Xu Qin and Han Jun Deliver Inspiring Speeches at Symposium A delegation from Heilongjiang Province, including Xu Qin, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, and Han Jun, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, […]

Xiaogucheng Village: A Beautiful Rural Success Story in Zhejiang Province’s ‘Ten Million Project’

Beautiful Rural Village: Xiaogucheng Village July 22, 2023 09:21:08 Source: Heilongjiang Daily Author: Dong Ying Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province – In the picturesque Xiaogucheng Village, Jingshan Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, a harmonious blend of tea gardens, rice fields, lotus ponds, mountains, village courtyards, camping grounds, and rainbow slides create an enchanting rural landscape. Renowned for […]

Advancing the Agricultural Product Processing Industry: Strategies for Intensifying R&D and Achieving High-Quality Development

Accelerating Agricultural Product Processing Industry to Promote High-Quality Development in Heilongjiang Province July 13, 2023 Source: Heilongjiang Daily Author: Li Tianchi Liang Jinchi In a recent interview, Zhu Zhimeng, Director of the Cooperation and Social Achievement Transformation Center at Northeast Agricultural University, expressed his support for the “Three-Year Action Plan for Accelerating the High-Quality Development […]