Park Myung-soo Offers Comfort to Former Fencer Nam Hyun-hee Amidst Suspicions of Fraudulent Marriage

Broadcaster Park Myung-soo Offers Comfort to Former Fencer Nam Hyun-hee amid Fraudulent Marriage Suspicions In a recent episode of KBS Cool FM radio’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’, broadcaster Park Myung-soo addressed the controversy surrounding former fencer Nam Hyun-hee and her alleged fraudulent marriage. During the show, Park Myung-soo discussed the issue with guest Jeon Min-ki, […]

Ricky and Harim Navigate Unexpected Encounter with Harim’s Ex-Husband in ‘Idol Singles 4’

**Ricky and Harim Navigate Unexpected Circumstances While Living Together in ‘Idol Singles 4’** MBN’s reality show ‘Idol Singles 4’ took a dramatic turn on its latest episode. Ricky and Harim, who have embarked on the exciting journey of raising their three children together, faced unforeseen challenges when they encountered Harim’s ex-husband. The episode, which aired […]

Visitors Discover Job Opportunities and Counseling at National Participation Center for Senior Jobs Week 2023

National Participation Center for Senior Jobs Week 2023 Offers Job Counseling and Experience Programs Seoul’s central plaza at Understand Avenue in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, was filled with visitors seeking job counseling and participating in experience programs during the National Participation Center for Senior Jobs Week 2023. Held on the 18th, this event aimed to support the […]

Broadcaster Kim Gura Reveals Silhouette of Remarried Wife: Fans Intrigued by Her Mystery

Broadcaster Kim Gura unveils silhouette of remarried wife By Reporter Sang-geun Yoon | 2023.09.12 17:14 Renowned broadcaster Kim Gura has recently shared a glimpse of his remarried wife’s silhouette. In a video uploaded on YouTube’s ‘Grigura’ channel, Kim Gura and his wife Gree provide a glimpse into their daily lives. The video captures their four-day, […]

Bae Su-jin Finds Love Again: Instagram Comedian Remarries

Instagram Comedian Bae Su-jin to Remarry: A Joyous New Chapter in Her Life Renowned Instagram comedian Bae Su-jin, daughter of comedian Bae Dong-seong and broadcaster Bae Su-jin, delighted her fans by sharing glimpses of her happy daily life following the announcement of her remarriage. On August 2nd, Bae Su-jin took to her Instagram to share […]