Hunan Satellite TV’s “Everyday Upward” will be revised and upgraded after 14 years of broadcasting – Domestic drama – cnBeta.COM

On the evening of October 6, Hunan Satellite TV announced an official Weibo of “Everyday Upward”,The “Everyday Upward” program will be upgraded and revised from now on, and will continue to spread mainstream values, lead youth culture, and explore new scientific knowledge. I look forward to it. Previously, another program of Hunan satellite TV, “Happy […]

Cross-border COS received “Legend of Sword and Fairy” official micro forwarding: Angelababy Lin Yueru acted as a fan-domestic drama-cnBeta.COM

Today, the official Weibo of Happy iQIYI’s reasoning reality show “Meng Detective Detective Case II” released the character poster of the new episode “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, and the official Weibo of “Legend of Sword and Fairy” also forwarded it. ,He expressed support. can be seen,Zhang Yishan plays Li Xiaoyao, Angelababy Yang Ying […]

Chen Sicheng supervises Liu Cixin’s science fiction novel “Ball Lightning” TV series will start shooting: a total of 36 episodes-Domestic Drama-cnBeta.COM

Since the movie “The Wandering Earth” became popular, Liu Cixin’s science fiction IP has become a new favorite in the film and television industry. A series of works are in the production of movies or TV series. Among them, the TV series “Ball Lightning” will officially start shooting in March, and “Tang Detective” Director Chen […]

“Legend of Sword and Fairy 4” officially launched Ju Jingyi and Chen Zheyuan Reuters exposure-Domestic drama-cnBeta.COM

Today (February 16), according to Sina Entertainment, “The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4” (later renamed “Tianhe Biography”) was officially launched, and Reuters photos of Ju Jingyi and Chen Zheyuan were exposed.In the play, Ju Jingyi will play Han Lingsha and Chen Zheyuan will play Yun Tianhe. access: Microsoft Store launches back-to-school season promotion: Surface […]