Comedian Im Ra-ra Undergoes Rehab for Leg Injury: Shockwave Treatment and Enduring Pain

Comedian Im Lara enters rehab following leg injury Reporter Ahn Yun-ji | 2023.11.27 09:09 Photos: Captured from YouTube channel Enjoy Couple’s video On the 26th, the YouTube channel Enjoy Couple posted a video titled “Revealing the current status of my wife who is in pain after a serious injury.. Surprise shock waves..” Comedian Im Lara, […]

Actor Yang Se-jong reveals heartwarming story of working with Suzy in ‘Iduna!’

Actor Yang Se-jong reveals heartwarming story about working with Suzy in ‘Iduna!’ By Kim Na-yeon | October 31, 2023 | 19:03 In a recent video released on the ‘TEO Teo’ YouTube channel titled ‘Not falling in love with Suzy… how do you do it,’ actor Yang Se-jong shared an enchanting anecdote about his experience working […]

[Ar yr amserlen i’w ryddhau]Tally Pro, A fellow born for ultra-precise coffee scale brewing Early Bird Promotion Korea’s No. 1 Coffee Channel Registered : Blackwater Issue

In the video above, Brew Assist mode is actually running. Many coffee novices or baristas who encounter true specialty coffee are confused about how much water to use for each coffee and how long to brew. However, by adjusting the extraction ratio using this function, the amount of water (Target) is determined for the amount […]