Saturn’s rings are disappearing – Chosun Biz

The American and European spacecraft Cassini-Huygens captured images of Saturn’s rings in three wavelengths and transmitted them back to Earth. /NASA The colorful icy rings that symbolize Saturn could soon disappear, a study has found. It is an analysis that Saturn’s icy rings are relatively recent and may disappear over time. American and European scientists […]

James Webb detects water vapor around an exoplanet 26 light years away

Rocky exoplanet GJ486b/NASA orbits a dwarf dwarf star 26 light-years away in the constellation Virgo The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) from the United States has succeeded in observing water vapor around an exoplanet outside the solar system. Still, there is still work to be done to determine if the water vapor comes from the […]

Early on the 26th, an asteroid the size of a swimming pool crosses between Earth’s moon

Asteroid 2023DZ2/Philippe Romanov captured by the astronomer’s astronomical telescope At dawn on the 26th of this month, an astronomical analysis revealed that an asteroid slightly larger than an Olympic-sized swimming pool would approach Earth at a considerable distance closer than the moon and pass by. Experts believe the asteroid may be visible in the night […]

Evidence of active volcanoes on Earth’s ‘twin planet’ Venus

‘Maat Mons’ volcano photographed by NASA’s Venus Magellan spacecraft. /NASA Clues have been confirmed that active volcanic activity occurs on Venus, which is similar in mass and composition to Earth. As it is known as the ‘twin planet’, active volcanic activity on Venus is expected to help us understand the evolutionary process of the Earth. […]