Gold Prices Unchanged Over the Weekend as Investors Await Fed Meeting

Gold Prices Remain Unchanged as Investors Await Fed Meeting The gold prices in the domestic market have stayed the same since the market closed on Friday, despite a decline in international prices. This can be attributed to the weakness of the baht and the expensive nature of buying gold domestically. Investors are closely monitoring the […]

Summary and Outlook of Movements in the Thai Stock Market: September 4-8

Summary of movements in the Thai stock market Thailand’s stock index reached its highest level in over four months, hitting 1,579.43 midweek before retreating to close near the previous week’s close. Early to mid-week, Thai stocks rose on the back of expectations for the new government’s economic stimulus package, supported by the prospect of a […]

Gold Prices Hold Steady during Holiday Weekend as Fed Stays on Hold

Holiday Gold Prices Unchanged, Fed Expected to Hold Rates The gold prices during the Saturday-Sunday holiday remain unchanged from Friday. Despite a weak baht, foreign prices have seen a slight decline. However, experts predict a possible increase on Monday. The Federal Reserve is expected to maintain interest rates. Gold Prices in Thailand According to the […]

Gold Prices Rise as Baht Depreciates, Market Closes up 50 Baht

Gold Prices Close Market with 50 Baht Increase Today, the spot market recorded a slight increase in gold prices, resulting in the market closing with a 50 baht surge. This upward trend was primarily driven by the depreciation of the baht, leading to a rise in domestic prices. Gold Traders Association’s Announcement The Gold Traders […]

Gold Prices Rise as Dollar Weakens, Reaching Highest Levels in Three Weeks

Gold Prices Soar as Dollar Weakens and US Economic Data Disappoints In a surprising turn of events, today’s gold prices closed the market with a remarkable 100 baht increase, reaching the highest level in three weeks. This surge can be attributed to the weakening dollar in foreign markets. The Gold Traders Association announced this morning […]

Gold Price Rises 50 Baht as Depreciated Baht Prompts Fed to Raise Interest Rates

The Gold Price Movement and Its Impact on the Market Over the weekend, the gold price experienced a notable increase of 50 baht due to the depreciation of the Thai baht. This rise coincided with the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates in order to combat inflation. Meanwhile, spot gold remained above the $1,900 […]

Gold Price Remains Unchanged in Open Market as Investors Await New Factors

Gold Prices in Open Market Unchanged as Market Awaits New Factors Gold prices in the open market remained unchanged today as investors eagerly awaited new factors following a substantial decline. Domestic prices have not been adjusted despite a slight drop in spot market reference prices and the depreciation of the baht. Association of Gold Traders […]

The Decline in Gold Price Continues as Baht Strengthens and Fed Raises Interest Rates

Gold Prices Hit Five-Month Low as Baht Strengthens Market Update – August 17, 2023 The gold price closed at 50 baht today, experiencing a decline in the afternoon as the baht strengthened. This decline mirrors the ongoing fall in foreign gold prices, primarily influenced by the Federal Reserve’s tendency to raise interest rates. In an […]