Volatility in Gold Prices as Market Awaits Fed’s Monetary Policy Meeting

The Price of Gold Holds Steady as Investors Await Fed Meeting Results The price of gold has experienced significant volatility today, with adjustments occurring up to five times. However, by the end of the market session, the price remained unchanged. Meanwhile, foreign countries saw slight increases. As for the baht, it strengthened throughout the morning. […]

Gold Price Rises by 50 Baht Over the Holiday Weekend as Foreign Gold Moves Up

Holiday Gold Prices Increase as Foreign Gold Moves Up Retail gold prices in holiday countries rose by 50 baht on Saturday-Sunday, September 16-17, 2023, in line with the upward movement of foreign gold. Despite a slight strengthening of the baht, the weak dollar contributed to the significant increase in spot prices. The Association of Gold […]

Gold Prices Unchanged Over the Weekend as Investors Await Fed Meeting

Gold Prices Remain Unchanged as Investors Await Fed Meeting The gold prices in the domestic market have stayed the same since the market closed on Friday, despite a decline in international prices. This can be attributed to the weakness of the baht and the expensive nature of buying gold domestically. Investors are closely monitoring the […]

The Baht Weakens as Concerns Over Chinese Economy Grow

The Baht Depreciates as Chinese Economy Weakens The baht opened this morning at 35.46 baht/dollar, marking a depreciation from 35.40 baht/dollar yesterday. Short-term support/resistance levels for today are projected at 35.30/35.60 baht/dollar. The baht has seen a rapid depreciation, continuing its downward trend from the previous week. This can be attributed to concerns in the […]

Gold Prices Rise Ahead of Fed Meeting: Waiting for Outcome to Determine Direction

Gold Prices Rise by 50 Baht Ahead of Fed Meeting Gold prices closed today’s market with a gain of 50 baht, influenced by foreign prices and the strength of the baht. The movement of gold remained within a narrow range as market participants awaited the outcome of the Federal Reserve’s meeting on July 25-26. The […]

Gold Prices Close Up 50 Baht as Market Watches Fed Meeting

Gold Price Holds Steady as Market Awaits Fed Meeting Monday, July 17, 2023 The gold market closed up 50 baht today, experiencing narrow changes as foreign prices saw a slight increase. Additionally, the Thai baht depreciated slightly. The Association of Gold Traders announced today’s gold price, revealing a 50 baht increase due to a slight […]

general negative factors drag Thai stocks down to close -3.70 points

Thai stocks closed -3.70 points, brokers noted that the SET INDEX had a narrow change in line with foreign stock markets. Also, the trading volume is thin. Recommend keeping an eye on the Fed meeting in the middle of this week. Including reporting on the US inflation numbers that will be published tomorrow night. Looking […]