Ratusuk Kiatnawi Dominates Main Event of ‘Baek Dee With Thai’ Thai Boxing Match

Ratusuk Kiatnawi Emerges Victorious at Suek Muay Dee Vithi Thai Jitmuangnon Boxing Stadium, Yok Khao Boxing Stadium, July 30, 2023 – Ratusuk Kiatnawi showcased his youthful vigor and remarkable strength as he triumphed over his opponent, Pet U-Thong, Kwan Mueang, in the highly anticipated main event of the Thai boxing “Baek Dee With Thai” regular […]

Chonburi FC’s ‘Shark Chon’ Secures Rising Star Striker Burapha with Long-Term Contract, Bolstering Thai National Team’s Future

Chonburi FC’s “Shark Chon” Signs Rising Star Striker Burapha to Long-Term Contract Chonburi FC’s “Shark Chon” has made a move that promises to strengthen their power in the future. The club recently announced the renewal of a long-term contract with Yosakorn Burapha, a talented striker on the rise. With impressive performances for the Thai national […]

WBC MuayThai World Festival 2023 in Venice, Italy: Thai Youth Boxers Shine with 7 Medals

Yodpetto Boomdeksian Wins Gold at WBC Fight Amazing MuayThai World Festival 2023 in Venice Venice, Italy – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has partnered with the Muay Thai World Boxing Council (WBC MuayThai) to bring the exhilarating sport of Muay Thai to the international stage. The prestigious 2023 MUAYTHAI WBC WONDERFUL WORLD FESTIVAL competition […]

Tomorrowro Kiatsongrit Victorious in Decisive Muay Thai Match Against Sunday Boom Dexian

Tomorrowro Emerges Victorious in an Impressive Muay Thai Match Leading the Muay Thai Partnership program, Air Sergeant Kicked the neck demonstrated an outstanding performance against his opponent, Sunday Boom Dexian. The thrilling fight took place on Monday, June 26, 2023, at the prestigious Air Force Boxing Stadium Thupatemi. Under the coordination of Sia Sommai Sakulmetta, […]

Uthai Thani FC Boosts Squad with Signing of Thai-Cypriot Player, Jak Saralampos

Saralampos Joins Uthai Thani FC Youth National Team The up and coming Uthai Thani FC, known as the “Elephant Huai Kha Khaeng” partisan movement, is making waves in the Thai League Revo battle for the 2023-24 season. With the goal of bolstering their ranks, the team has recently announced the addition of Jak Saralampos, a […]