Starfield Revealed Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

Limited Edition Xbox Starfield Wireless Controller [사진: 스타필드] [디지털투데이 AI리포터] IT Media TechRadar reported on the 11th (local time) that the Starfield limited edition Xbox wireless controller was unveiled at the Xbox Game Showcase. Unlike the Starfield smartwatch, the limited edition Starfield controller and headset are sold separately. The Xbox Starfield Limited Edition Wireless Controller […]

Xbox launches wireless controller with ‘recycled material’ to celebrate Earth Day

Microsoft Xbox (Xbox) will release the ‘Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition’ using recycled plastic to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. More than a third of the materials in this new controller are materials recycled and recycled, and being an eco-friendly product, it comes with a rechargeable battery pack. Xbox is trying to […]

The fun of aiming a gun … Steam Gun Steam Deck FPS game gun accessory appeared

‘STEAM-GUN’, a gun accessory for FPS games used in conjunction with Valve’s ‘Steam Deck’, has appeared. The Steam Gun was developed by KellyJohn Studio, a motion sensing specialist in Hong Kong. It’s a rifle-like controller, and its purpose is to let you enjoy the feeling of shooting a real gun while playing FPS games. ▲ […]

PS5 controller evolves… SIE, ‘DualSense Edge’ design story revealed

Sony Interactive Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SIE) has revealed the design story of ‘DualSense Edge’ (hereinafter referred to as DualSense Edge), a wireless controller specifically tailored for the PlayStation 5 (referred to etc hereafter as PS5) via YouTube. In the design story released this time, SIE developers presented the experiences and product features they […]

SIE Announces Customizable DualSense Edge Wireless Controller with Swap Buttons and Program-Defined Features (181688)

SIE announced the DualSense Edge, an innovative version of the video game controller for PlayStation 5 all through the European gaming celebration Gamescon 5. Wait around for customization to produce your individual exceptional recreation control expertise, equivalent to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller in phrases of product or service placement. SIE has nonetheless to announce the […]

Game peripheral brand Brook launches Vivid Switch wireless handle, which can be used across computers and mobile phones and comes with a mobile phone holder (179149)

The Taiwanese game peripheral brand launched the Vivid wireless handle for the Nintendo Switch game console, emphasizing the use of ergonomic design and colorful colors and shapes. It is also equipped with special functions that the official Pro Controller handle does not have, and is also compatible with Android, iOS and PC. The platform is […]

PS5 Pro Controller Coming with Removable Sticks and Rear Paddles? rumor

In the latest console competition, the part where the PS5 was judged to have clearly gained the upper hand was the game controller and the Dual Sense. Sony’s PS5 DualSense showed a distinctly different experience with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers not found on other controllers, and rumors are circulating that Sony is preparing a […]

From keyboard to VR HMD… for your win rate and fun

It is common to enjoy PC games using a keyboard and mouse. If there are only those two, there is no problem in enjoying popular games such as ‘League of Legends’, ‘Battleground’, ‘Overwatch’, ‘Lost Ark’ and ‘Maple Story’. However, not all games are optimized for keyboards and mice. Racing or fighting game genre games often […]