German Marder tanks break through Russian Dragon Tooth Line

The Russian defensive line in the south is considered a major obstacle to the Ukrainian counteroffensive. But now Ukraine has apparently achieved an important breakthrough – with German military equipment. The Ukrainian armed forces have achieved their first breakthrough through the three-layer Russian defense line in the south of Ukraine. This is what the military […]

Ukraine is fighting for maritime sovereignty

Ukraine attacks Russian facilities in Crimea almost daily. But there is a bigger goal behind it. Ukrainian missiles hitting the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and Ukrainian grain ships leaving the port again: Ukraine’s counteroffensive also appears to be having success on the high seas. Kiev has been sending rockets and drones towards […]

Putin’s soldiers complain about precarious conditions

Kremlin leader Putin claims that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is going badly. But reports from his soldiers paint a different picture – the Russian army in particular is struggling with significant problems. Broken weapons, poor equipment, ill-thought-out orders: the Russian army is currently experiencing severe setbacks in the battle for Bakhmut. In contrast, the Ukrainians continue […]

Ukraine reports breakthrough of Russian defense line

Last week, Ukraine announced the capture of a town near Bakhmut. Now they say they have achieved a major breakthrough. The Ukrainian army has reported a breakthrough in its counteroffensive near the war-torn city of Bakhmut. Troops had broken through “the enemy’s defensive line,” the commander of the Ukrainian land forces, Oleksandr Syrskyj, said on […]

Why they could influence the Ukraine war

The US may deliver ATACMS missiles to Kiev as early as this fall, which could have far-reaching implications for the Ukrainian counteroffensive. According to US media, Washington could soon hand over ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System) short-range artillery missiles to Kiev. These have a range of around 300 kilometers. The US government has so far […]

Will the war end before 2024? Intelligence chief speaks out about Russia

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is making progress “slowly but surely,” says intelligence chief Budanov. Russia will not be able to resist for another year. The head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service HUR believes that Russia will not continue its war of aggression against Ukraine for more than another year. “I do not believe that this […]

UN initiative – expert warns of Russia: “catastrophic”

Military expert Carlo Masala sees good chances for Ukraine to achieve decisive success. However, one thing worries him greatly. In recent days, according to independent observers, Ukrainian troops have apparently made further progress in their efforts to liberate the areas in the south of the country that Russia has occupied in violation of international law. […]

News blog about the Ukraine war | Media: Putin wants to bring back old tank

Day 566: Sharp criticism from Germany of the elections in Russian-occupied territories. The Kremlin wants to resurrect an outdated tank model. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glance Kremlin: Victory of the Kremlin party announced in sham elections 1:27 a.m.: According to official figures, the Kremlin party United Russia […]

News blog on the Ukraine war | Russian media: Large fire in Moscow customs office

Day 563: A Ukrainian oligarch is accused of fraud. According to the NATO Secretary General, Ukraine is making progress in its counter-offensive. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glance Russian media: Customs office in Moscow caught fire 9:47 a.m: Apparently there was a widespread fire on the premises of […]