HomePro bounces back with ‘Shop Dee Mee Night – Boom Travel’ spending in Q1 up 10-20%, spending 4 billion baht appearing in 10 branches

HomePro highlights 2 major factors, “Good Shopping, Mee Night, and Travel Revival”, boosting home buying power. electrical appliances, tiles, bathroom appliances, boosting sales in the first quarter by 10-20 percent, investing in 10 new branches with a budget of 4,000-5,000 million baht, and is confident that total revenue will grow by 5% from 2022 , […]

MAKRO failed to enter MSCI but fundamentals are still strong!

latest The government expects the number of foreign tourists this year to exceed 30 million, or three quarters of the number of tourists in 2019 before the outbreak. Especially the Chinese market which opened the country faster than expected. The more support the atmosphere is even more lively. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) aims […]

Trinity expects SET January to gain 1,700 main themes

Mr. Nuttachat Makmasin, Assistant Managing Director of Securities Analyst Department, Trinity Securities reveals the direction of the investment in January 2023. It is expected that the SET Index will swing within a frame of 1,620-1,700 points. Strategically, it is recommended to hold stocks for Leave a running profit for stocks bought. index fluctuates below the […]

Dee Mee Shop Form 2023 How to apply for an electronic tax invoice

The Department of Revenue presents procedures for submitting an application for submission of an electronic tax invoice (E-Tax) to receive Shop Dee Mee’s Form 2023 measure for tax deduction purposes. As the government has announced “Shop well, have a night” measures to be given as a New Year’s gift in 2023 to the public, starting […]

“IT retail stock” mess! The Foxconn crisis caused a shortage of iPhones.

This period has become high season for the retail business which can generate the most sales of the year. “IT tools” It is another best-selling product, and many brands prefer to launch new products in the last quarter. To encourage customers to switch to new products to welcome the coming new year, such as “apple” […]