Said “Responsibility for Lee Sang-min” – Bereaved families weep over Jo Soo-jin’s “Cheongdam-dong drinking party” comments

◀ Anchor ▶ The government’s investigation into the 10.29 disaster ended today. A report setting out the responsibilities of the Minister of Public Administration and Security, Lee Sang-min, was adopted with all members of the People’s Power leaving. In this meeting, the comments of Congressman Jo Su-jin, the power of the people, were again controversial. […]

10.29 First National Security Hearings Disaster Blamed for Poor Response

◀ Anchor ▶ In the National Assembly, the first hearing of the government’s investigation into the 10.29 disaster is being held. Amid inquiries from lawmakers about the cause and responsibility for failing to respond to the disaster, a debate arose about perjury following comments by the Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Kim Kwang-ho. […]

Lee Sang-min “I didn’t even know there was such a thing in Itaewon that day”…’Avoid responsibility’ in government investigation

zoom in picture Public Administration and Security Minister Lee Sang-min answers questions from lawmakers during the second on-site investigation of the National Assembly’s Special Committee on State Affairs Investigation to Find the Truth About the Yongsan Itaewon Disaster and Prevent Its Recurrence’. National Assembly photographers This is “It Wasn’t a Matter of Conflict with Chongdaebon […]

54 days after the disaster… the first on-site investigation into the ’10/29 disaster’

◀ Anchor ▶ The National Assembly’s special committee for the government’s investigation into the October 29 disaster held its first on-site investigation this morning. This is reporter Kim Jae-kyung. ◀ Report ▶ The National Assembly’s Special Investigation Committee of the National Assembly, which began its first on-site investigation in 54 days. The special committee, which […]

People’s power joined the government’s investigation

◀ Anchor ▶ The power of the people, who had refused to investigate the government’s affairs from the 10.29 disaster, saying that the budget bill should come first, decided to join the government’s investigation which starts tomorrow. After meeting the bereaved families today, my perspective suddenly changed. We contact reporters who are outside the National […]

Woo Sang-ho “Normal operation of the Special Committee on State Affairs… Schedule and adoption of witnesses tomorrow morning”

Woo Sang-ho, chairman of the Special Committee on Government Investigations to discover the truth of the ’10/29 disaster’, held a plenary meeting tomorrow morning and announced that he would follow the government’s investigation timetable and the procedure for selection. witnesses. Chairman Woo Sang-ho held a press conference at the National Assembly today and said, “The […]