Take a quick look before the panel ends! “Uncle Tu” car registration checks the flood in Ubon Win the lottery for this draw 16/10/65

it arrived! “Big Tu” car registrations are flooding in Ubon Ratchathani Lottery neck Check out the numbers Win this 16/10/65 raffle before you can’t buy it. The white media reported that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, together with his delegation arrived at the 21st Airborne Division, Muang District, Ubon Ratchathani […]

The final curve! The Nueng River releases the number of incense sticks from Grandfather. Teacher prestige number Before the lottery was released for this draw, 16/9/65

This is the final curve! before the awardgovernment lottery daily installment September 16, 2022 after the previous one river Women give guides for famous lucky numbers have released the first lucky number as a guide for lottery fans with the teacher’s prestige number by the river of Byw, light the incense and give instructions, where […]

Netizens have a superior see. See the quantity on the upper body of the Buddha driving the “Black Ant” Tears are flowing Let’s make a new Buddha statue.

social media really rapidly observed the range on Luang Por’s upper body, at the rear of “Kachapha Dam Method”, came to sign up for the advantage event, tears pouring down, asking to make a new Buddha statue Following the person of the TikTok software named peekie_official Posted a video clip though Moddam Kachapha Tancharoen, a […]

Create it down rapidly License plate “Kruba Boonchum” leaves the clinic after recovering from an illness.

Lottery neck shines rapid! Auto registration “Kruba Boonchum” was introduced from the hospital. Recovered from sickness, acquire very good luck to 1/9/65 from the circumstance of Phra Kruba Boonchum Yanasangwaro Aranyawasephikku Monks who are the centre of faith in Lanna and neighboring international locations experienced indicators Soon after leaving the Dharma observe for 3 a […]