Intestinal metaplasia, which increases the risk of gastric cancer 10-fold, must be managed ‘this way’ [인터뷰]

a tooth[인터뷰] Director of Gastroenterology Lee Sang-hwana toothIntestinal metaplasia, a precancerous lesion that can lead to gastric cancera toothOnce it happens, there is no going back…only to prevent further progress Gastric cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide. The situation in the country is not much different. Although the incidence of gastric cancer has […]

My child must take care of ‘three things’ before the mid-term exam

April is the month of midterm exams, the first test of the new semester for middle and high school students. This first test score becomes an expectation for learning achievement and yourself for the next year and beyond in middle and high school. Therefore, the mid-term exam, the first exam of the first semester of […]

‘Milk vs Cheese vs Yoghurt’… Which dairy product is best for me?

There are many types of dairy products that can be made from milk, such as cheese, yogurt and butter. As it is known to be good for health, the consumption of dairy products is increasing every year. Dairy products seem to have the same effectiveness since they are all made from milk, but in reality, […]

California sea otter drowns ‘cat parasite’… threatens human health

In 2019, 12 sea otters, a specialty from California, USA, drowned one after the other. Sea otters are marine mammals, so drowning in such large numbers is very rare. Scientists began to investigate with doubts, and as a result, they found that it was caused by a parasitic infection called Toxoplasma gondii or Toxoplasma gondii. […]