Forced to join the ASML chip battle caught in a dilemma Qin Gang talks to the Dutch foreign minister: maintaining the stability of the joint supply chain | blog post

January 31, 2023 11:50 Last updated: 12:01 According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today (January 31), Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang had telephone conversations with Dutch Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hoekstra, Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal, and Argentine Foreign Minister Cafiero on January 30. . Qin Gang said that China […]

DPP sent TSMC talents away? Experts fear a repeat of Japan’s tragedy | Blog post

November 23, 2022 17:52 Last Update: 21:10 The semiconductor war between the United States and China is intensifying, and the reactions from all over the world are different. Some people give an endowment to sell women, while others do not. On November 17, TSMC’s first batch of 300 key workers and their families took a […]

Move to avoid US restrictions on Nvidia launches new chips in China | Blog post

09 Nov 2022 14:28 Last update: 14:37 The US government has implemented a number of export restrictions to hinder the development of China’s semiconductor industry, which has adversely affected the revenue of domestic semiconductor giants and other technology companies. In response to a drop in sales to China, US chipmaker Nvidia said it was supplying […]

China’s “bare leg artifact” hot orders in Europe scheduled for next May | Blog Post

27 October 2022 16:24 Last update: 16:40 The cold winter in Europe is difficult because of the energy crisis, and the business opportunities of what is commonly known as the “eight-piece winter set” in China have greatly increased. Exports of thermal underwear, bare legs, flannel pyjamas, hot water bottles, hand warmers, heaters, electric blankets and […]

Brilliant engineering! The Shenzhen-Jiangmen bullet train will cross the seabed 100 meters to debut as the first female shield machine driver | Blog Post

10/20/2022 13:13 Last update: 13:18 Recently, the construction of the Shenzhen-Jiangmen high-speed railway has officially started, which includes the deepest submarine tunnel in the country, and the construction difficulty is quite rare. Shenzhen-Jiangmen high-speed railway. Picture of “China Railway” As an important infrastructure in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Shenjiang high-speed railway line […]