“‘Right now, we’re breaking up’, deep emotional ‘Song Hye-kyo’ until the end” – Herald Business

[헤럴드경제 = 서병기 선임기자]’Now, We’re Breaking Up’ was also Song Hye-kyo. On the 8th, SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Now, we’re breaking up’ (play Jane/Director Lee Gil-bok/Creator Line & Kang Eun-kyung/Producer Samhwa Networks, UAA/hereafter ‘Jihejung’) ended on the 8th. The main character, Ha Young-eun (Song Hye-kyo) and Yoon Jae-guk (Jang Ki-yong), stayed in Seoul instead of leaving […]

“Nicolas Cage had a third child at the age of 58… Pregnant with Japanese wife 30 years younger than her” – The Herald Business

Nicholas Cage and his wife Riko Shibata[트위터] [헤럴드경제=이명수 기자] Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage has a third child at the age of 58. On the 6th, foreign media such as People magazine reported that Nicolas Cage’s 30-year-old Japanese wife, Riko Shibata (28), was pregnant with a child. Nicholas Cage acknowledged the news and said: “They are […]

“‘Agricultural and fishery food exports surpassed $10 billion for the first time in history’, writing a new history… “K-food, a new Korean wave”” – The Herald Economics

Effects of increased health and convenience foods such as kimchi, ginseng, and ramen… Fast non-face-to-face conversionPerformance of policy efforts such as fostering high-quality varieties of star items and enhancing competitiveness by stage Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Kim Hyeon-soo visits a kimchi manufacturing site in Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, on May 25, last year. [농림축산식품부 […]

“It’s better than Kim Tae-ho PD.” What is it about ‘This Couple’ that saved Netflix from the variety show ‘Bang’” – The Herald Economics

A scene from Netflix’s Korean variety show ‘Solo Hell'[넷플릭스 갈무리] A scene from Netflix’s ‘Solo Hell’ [넷플릭스 갈무리] [헤럴드경제=김민지 기자] “It’s not about Kim Tae-ho PD… ‘Jackpot’ in an unexpected place is a Netflix variety show!” Unlike dramas, Netflix’s original Korean entertainment shows, which suffered from sluggish global box office sales, climbed into the top […]

“Did you try to strangle your girlfriend?… ‘Home Alone’ Kevin hyung arrested for assault” – The Herald Business

Devin Latray[게티이미지] [헤럴드경제=이명수 기자] Actor Devin Latray, who played Kevin’s older brother in the movie ‘Home Alone’, is shocked by the arrest of the police. According to foreign media reports on the 22nd, Devin Latray was indicted earlier this month on charges of domestic violence and battery. Devin Latray was arrested on charges of assaulting […]

“Lee Dong-guk’s daughter, Jae-ah Lee, injured her knee this time due to rumors of school bullying… What should I do?” – The Herald Business

Lee Dong-guk’s daughter, Lee Jae-ah, suffered a knee injury.[이수진 인스타그램] [헤럴드경제=이명수 기자] Lee Soo-jin, the wife of soccer player Lee Dong-guk, shared the news of her daughter Lee Jae-ah’s knee injury through SNS. On the 22nd, Lee Soo-jin announced the news of her daughter Lee Jae-ah’s knee injury through her Instagram. Lee Su-jin said, “I […]

“Putin’s first attack… Strong warning of ‘Ukraine protection from the West'” – Herald Economic Daily

Russia’s ‘Yamal-European Gas Pipeline’ Lockdown BackgroundStop gas supply and take military actionWestern ‘Achilles’ heel’ preemptive strikeNATO anti-vibration prevention, etc.Analysis of ‘For Nord Stream 2 approval’ by foreign media Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry expanded cadres in Moscow, Russia, on the 21st. [TASS] A worker is working at […]

“The ‘2021 MAMA’ swept 4 BTS grand prizes… Proof of global status at the music awards ceremony” – The Herald Business

[헤럴드경제 = 서병기 선임기자] ‘World’s No.1 K-pop music awards ceremony ‘2021 Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS (2021 MAMA)’ ended in success, making music fans all over the world commune within the language of K-POP, transcending regions and cultures. ‘2021 MAMA’ marked a new page in the history of MAMA by combining the best stage scale, cutting-edge […]

“Development of biodegradable polymer scaffolds to eliminate inflammatory side effects in osteoporosis patients” – Herald Economic Daily

– Professor Dong-Geun Han’s team at Cha Medical University confirmed the effect of bone tissue regeneration in a rat model with skull defects [123RF] [헤럴드경제=구본혁 기자] Recently, in the global aging trend, more and more people are complaining of osteoporosis and bone-related diseases. A Korean research team has developed a technology that can help osteoporosis […]