Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi: From High School Draft to Baseball School Head – A Journey of 9 Years

Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi: A Distinguished Career on the Baseball Field Former professional baseball player, Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi, has left an indelible mark on the sport during his nine-year tenure with Tsubame and Ham. Today, he proudly serves as the head of the esteemed “Ageo Baseball Academy” in Saitama’s Ageo City. Throughout his career, Masubuchi participated in an […]

Director Kuriyama and talented American reporter… The “exchange” of respect “What an expression of respect” | Full Account moves very much to fans

The MLB Network reporter first said “Omedetou Gozaimasu” in Japanese. Fans pay attention to the “exchange” of respect between Hideki Kuriyama, the director of the Japanese national team “Samurai Japan” and a famous American reporter. Comments collected such as “It feels stylish” and “What an expression of respect”. Japan Samurai regain title for first time […]

[CLlC]Director Hideki Kuriyama says “I will think again when a new contract comes”, but “not thinking” is the next tournament – WBC 2023: Nikkan Sports

Director Kuriyama of SAMURAI JAPAN answering questions at the press conference (photo by Midori Suzuki) Japanese Samurai Director Hideki Kuriyama (61) made a live appearance on Asahi’s “Hodo Station” TV on the 23rd and talked about his own career. During the champagne fight, he said, “Personally, this will be my last outfit. I’m thinking about […]