Nootbar talks about “pepper mill care” The boom spreading to high school baseball is “very interesting” | Full Account

“I don’t know why it’s banned, but it’s pretty cool.” Outfielder Lars Nutvar (Cardinals) of the Japanese national baseball team “Japan Samurai” talked about the “Peppermill performance controversy” that occurred in high school baseball on the 18th (19th Japan time). As for his own performance, which has become a boom in the amateur baseball world, […]

Why did the “shout” happen during the game? | Full Account

During the match, Clark International manager Sasaki shouted at the opponent, “How long are you going to keep shouting?” The third day of the “53rd Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament” held on the 20th. Osaka Toin (Osaka), aiming for the first ever “win in a row at Jinu”, defeated Clark International (Hokkaido) in the 6th inning, […]

Last summer’s Koshien 4 player, Kyoto International High School left-hander Ruda Morishita announced his desire to become a professional Takano Ren | Full Account

The spring selection has also refused to participate due to the spread of the new corona… On the 16th, Japan’s Takanoren updated the list of players who submitted a professional application form posted on the official website, and left-handed pitcher Rudai Morishita of Kyoto International, who went to the quarterfinals in Koshien last summer, was […]

Summer Koshien semi-V, left arm Shimonoseki International, Koga submits professional bid, Tsuji from Nishogakusha University | Full Account

Shimonoseki International wins second place in Koshien this summer On the 15th, Japan’s Takanoren updated the list of submitters of the “Professional Baseball Application Form” 2022. Kosei Koga, the ace left-handed pitcher from Shimonoseki International (Yamaguchi), who won second place in Koshien this summer, submitted . Nine new people were posted, bringing the total number […]

Fuji University’s Kanamura and Tohoku Fukushi University’s Sugisawa present professional application forms High school students pay attention to Teikyo Nagaoka and Ibaraki | Full Account

Kanemura emerges as the top contender with good pitching in the university championship On the 12th, the All Japan University Baseball Federation updated the list of applicants who submitted professional aspirations posted on the official website. The number of presenters increased from 50 to 71. Outfielder Ryu Sugisawa of Tohoku Fukushi University and pitcher Naomasa […]

Rintaro’s more mature brother, Shohei Otani’s father taught him at junior high faculty Problem Hanamaki Higashi Joshi and Akiha Sasaki | Full Account

The major gentleman in the very first grade contributed to second location in the nationwide youth tournament It is created as Akiha and read as “Shu”. Hanamaki Higashi key man Akihane Sasaki (1st 12 months), who received second put in the “13th Nationwide Significant College Girls Hardball Youth Match”, a countrywide tournament for second graders […]

Summertime disappeared in Corona “I didn’t come to feel like it was in excess of” “Miyagi Event in 42 times” held in the metropolis of joy | Full Account

Tohoku University and Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka realized the “Miyagi Match 3rd round” on August 30 The sport concerning Tohoku and Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka Univ (hereafter referred to as Ibumi), which was scheduled to get position in the 3rd spherical of the 104th National Superior College Baseball Championship in Miyagi, gained a bye simply because Ibumi […]