Teachers’ association criticizes the left: abolish school grades and homework

The Left wants to solve the education crisis with drastic measures. Among other things, they only want to teach children to community schools. The Left advocates abolishing homework and school grades. This emerges from a paper on education policy that party leader Janine Wissler and the education policy spokeswoman for the Bundestag parliamentary group, Nicole […]

Do men help with housework? Spain with a new app for surveillance

Madrid: Spain is testing a new app to monitor whether partners share housework equally as part of gender equality. Angela Rodríguez, a senior official at the Ministry of Gender Equality, made the announcement at the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. Surveys show that women do more housework than men. In […]

“I’m a keji com who remembers words” Elementary school composition, full of typos … Surprised by the ending My dad is also impressed “I definitely want to read it again”: News J- CAST[Arddangosfa testun llawn]

An essay written by an elementary school student for homework has become a hot topic on Twitter, with comments such as “interesting” and “great piece of writing filled with talent.” It is a story about an eraser written as a homework assignment to make a short story “Short Short”. The impressed father introduced it on […]

Selling sweet potatoes on the roadside to save a 2-year-old girl with leukemia

Girls are selling sweet potatoes while doing homework on the roadside. (Photo/Retrieved from JiMu News) The love between family members is moving! There is a 10-year-old girl in China. In order to raise medical expenses for her sister who is suffering from a rare disease, she helped set up a stall on the side of […]