Doosan Energy Presents Vision for Sustainable Earth at Invest Korea 2023 Summit

Doosan Energy’s Participation in ‘Invest Korea 2023 Summit’ Doosan Energy, a leading player in the energy industry, recently announced its participation in the ‘Invest Korea 2023 Summit’ where it delivered a presentation on the crucial role of the energy sector in promoting a sustainable earth. Objective of the Summit The Invest Korea 2023 Summit, held […]

The HYFLEXPOWER Consortium Successfully Operates World’s First Industrial Gas Turbine Using Hydrogen

World’s First Industrial Gas Turbine Operates Using Only Hydrogen The HYFLEXPOWER Consortium, led by energy technology company Siemens Energy, has achieved a major milestone by successfully operating the world’s first industrial gas turbine using only hydrogen. This groundbreaking accomplishment demonstrates that hydrogen can serve as a flexible storage medium and a viable replacement for conventional […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Military Drones Unveiled at Seoul ADEX 2023 Exhibition

Domestic Defense Industry Unveils Hydrogen Fuel Cell Military Drones South Korean defense industry companies have revealed hydrogen fuel cell military drones that are currently in development. The unveiling took place at the Seoul ADEX 2023 exhibition, the country’s largest aerospace and defense industry event, held at Seoul Airport in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do from the 17th to […]

First Hydrogen to Hold Track Day for Testing Hydrogen-Electric Commercial Vehicles

First Hydrogen, a hydrogen integrated solutions company with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and London, England, has announced plans to hold a track day event for testing its hydrogen-electric light commercial vehicle van. The event is scheduled to take place at the HORIBA MIRA track in England in late October. A track day, typically associated with […]

MAN Energy Solutions Collaborates with Industry and Academia to Develop High-Speed Hydrogen-Fueled Engines for the Marine Sector

MAN Energy Solutions, a global power plant and marine engine company, has announced its plans to collaborate with academia and industry in order to develop engine concepts for high-speed hydrogen-fueled engines in the marine sector. The collaboration, named ‘HydroPoLEn’, involves research organizations, leading companies in the cruising and ship propulsion fields, and major parts suppliers. […]

Shin Baekseung Travel Agency Plans to Build Liquid Hydrogen Charging Station for Hydrogen Buses

Shin Baekseung Travel Agency to Pave the Way for Hydrogen Bus Commercialization The Shin Baekseung Travel Agency, known for its pioneering approach in adopting hydrogen buses, is now taking steps to construct a liquid hydrogen charging station. Expanding Desperate Support In its efforts to introduce hydrogen buses, Shin Baekseung Travel Agency has been receiving support […]

Australia Announces Construction of Large-Scale Hydrogen Export Facility at Bonneyton Port

Australian governments have announced plans to construct a large-scale hydrogen export facility at Bonneyton Port in South Australia. This initiative is part of the federal government’s investment of 525 million Australian dollars in six designated ‘hydrogen hubs’. The Port of Bonneyton will house a 250MW hydrogen export facility, with an additional investment of 100 million […]

Exploring a Clean Hydrogen Supply Plan Using Waste Resources and Biogas

A New Plan for Clean Hydrogen Supply and Efficient Distribution A comprehensive plan for clean hydrogen supply, utilizing domestic waste resources and biogas, is set to be introduced. Additionally, there are plans to revamp subsidies for hydrogen charging stations and improve the suitability of their locations. Research Contract for Efficient Distribution The Hydrogen Knowledge Group, […]

ORLEN and Yokogawa Europe Collaborate to Develop Sustainable Synthetic Fuel for Aircraft

ORLEN and Yokogawa Collaborate to Develop Sustainable Synthetic Fuel for Aircraft ORLEN, the largest petrochemical company in Poland, and Yokogawa Europ, the European headquarters of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, specializing in industrial automation and test and measurement solutions, have joined forces to develop a sustainable synthetic fuel for aircraft. ORLEN’s goal is to become a leading […]