NASA’s “Bio-Sentinel” explores the impact of space on life | NASA | Satellite | Musk

[Gorsaf Wybodaeth Dyffryn Silicon]Issue 22 [The Epoch Times, Rhagfyr 03, 2022](The Epoch Times) NASA’s (NASA) mission to study life in space continues. Its recently launched BioSentinel (BioSentinel) satellite has successfully flown over the moon. The mission of NASA’s Bio-Sentinel satellite is to study the effects of interplanetary space radiation on yeast. As humans resume the […]

A browser that collects virtual money by surfing the net

“Brave” is a high-performance browser that attracts attention because it has an ad-blocking function as standard and also has a built-in “Tor” anonymous browser. Brave automatically blocks ads on any website, but you can also display ads and earn pocket money. Let’s take a look at the features of Brave that allow you to accumulate […]

The iFLYTEK virtual singer Luya is here, playing AI + music

When I was a child, I watched science fiction films, and the robot in it had an unshakable rule, that is, change all the shades to one. This is perhaps one of our earliest “stereotypes” of robots. But it is unexpected that decades later, AI robots can imitate human speech to be indistinguishable from true […]

Mark Zuckerberg Announcing the Connect virtual event on October 11

Meta The list of meetings was not published. But the job is expected to take all day. via online streaming As well as revealing the Cambria Project glasses set Meta also discusses an update to Horizon Worlds, the Metaverse social network app that has been mocked in recent weeks for its cartoony graphics. The vice […]

7 PropTech Trends That Will Change the Future of Home Buying by 2025

Let’s see what’s trending. PropTech How did each of them change the way you buy a home? 1 Many people will ask to see the house through.virtual reality technology such as a brand Zillow in the interactive space design Open a 3D home tour through a VR device or smartphone and add AI to help […]

Teresa Teng reproduces Yunlin tonight and sings with the singer across time and space- Life- Liberty Times Newsletter

Through technology, Teresa Teng reproduces Yunlin across time and space, and sings with the singer tonight. (Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong; synthesized by this newspaper) 2022/09/09 20:29 [Adroddiad Gohebydd Zhan Shihong/Yunlin]To commemorate the 27th anniversary of Teresa Teng’s death, the Yunlin County Government will hold a concert across time and space at the Yunlin County […]

25 new systems in 2022 that will improve properly in the future 2-10 years

forengineeringReborn beneath Theme 1, a entire transformation and expansion of the expertise: 1. Metaverse 2. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) 3. Super App 4. Net3 5. Decentralized Identity 6. Electronic People 7. The customer’s Electronic Twin 8. Interior Talent Marketplaces with the efficiency and capabilities of these systems all users will be equipped to handle id info […]

Phantom Club’s latest work “Room Girl” is free to download the corner pinching experience version, and it is scheduled to be listed at the end of September | 4Gamers

The Japanese adult game developer Illusion (commonly known as Mirage Club or I Club), which developed the well-known works “Love Live” and “AI Girl”, released the promotional video of the new work “Room Girl” (Room ガール) a while ago. The official trailer was released and the corner pinch experience version was released. The game will […]