Kim Kyung-wook, CEO of Incheon International Airport, who gave a letter of resignation, “I know it as the will of the person in charge of personnel affairs.”

“Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Hee-ryong won excluded from business report” “There is no reason for the resignation of the president of the airport who found live ammunition” Kim Gyeong-wook, CEO of Incheon International Airport Corporation. | Provided by Incheon International Airport Corporation It has been confirmed that Incheon International Airport Corporation President Kim Gyeong-wook […]

Arrest warrant for an American in the 70s

◀ Anchor ▶ More than 200 passengers were recently evacuated when two live bullets were found on a Korean Air flight. The police have been investigating for over a week and have identified the suspect who brought bullets to life. He turned out to be an American man in his 70s, carrying a bag believed […]

Incheon International Airport’s Sky 72 golf course finally closed

Closed on the 27th Agreement between KX Group and Sky72 “Restarting business around April after succession” Sky72 Golf Course Despite the Supreme Court’s final decision and the court’s mandatory action, Incheon Airport’s Sky 72 golf course, which had been operating an ‘endurance business’, will eventually close. According to Incheon City, Incheon International Airport Corporation, and […]

Suspension of ‘Sky 72’ Golf Course – The Kyunghyang Shinmun

In response to tenants’ objection to service mobilization Court ends 4 hours after starting The police arrest 8 people for obstruction In front of the Sky 72 golf course in Jung-gu, Incheon, on the 17th, officers from the Incheon District Court enforcement officer’s office resist by spraying fire extinguishers. Photographic Co-operation Institute On December 1 […]

Due to the opposition of the mobile service, the mandatory operation of Sky72 was stopped within 4 hours … “Criminal penalty for entering the course of the sea”

On the 17th, to prevent enforcement action by the Incheon District Court Office, tenants at the Sky 72 golf course move vehicles and block access. | Provided by Incheon International Airport Corporation On December 1 last month, the Incheon District Court launched a mandatory execution against Sky72, which continued to ‘suffer business’ despite the Supreme […]

[속보]’On the first day of submitting negative confirmations’, the positive rate from China plunged to 12.6%… 35 additional short-term residents confirmed

zoom in picture On the 6th, a sign for the “Chinese travel only” will be placed in the arrival hall of Incheon International Airport. random news The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Bangdaebon) announced on the 6th that 35 (12.6%) of 278 short-term foreign residents who entered Incheon International Airport from China on the […]

A Chinese man who refused to quarantine and fled was arrested in Seoul in two days

zoom in picture On the morning of the 5th, the first day of the mandatory presentation of a negative COVID-19 certificate for all domestic and foreign passengers boarding flights bound for Korea from China, passengers arriving from China are going to the Corona 19 test center at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 arrival hall. | […]

The number of airport users has quadrupled … ‘workplace hell’ due to lack of work

◀ anchor ▶ Recently, the number of airport users has increased significantly. This is because quarantine obligations for overseas travelers have been relaxed and the vacation season has begun in earnest. However, the number of workers at airlines and airports, which was greatly reduced during the corona period, has not recovered, so there is talk […]

[천지일보 주간핫이슈10] 6.1 Local Election ‘Sweep Victory’, Lee Jae-myung investigation, 5% consumer price, Cannes Film Festival Chan-wook Park, Kang-ho Song, monkey pox – Cheonji Ilbo

[천지일보=박준성 기자] On the afternoon of the 1st, party leaders and attendees, including People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok, floor leader Kwon Seong-dong, and co-election chairperson Kim Ki-hyeon, held the ‘People’s Power 8th National Simultaneous Local Election Counting Room’ at the National Assembly Library in Yeouido, Seoul on the afternoon of the 1st. watching and cheering. […]