“Pokémon” game producer Masuda Junichi officially handed over the baton, transferred to the chief creative researcher of The Pokémon Company | 4Gamers

The Pokémon Company announced today (1) that Junichi Masuda, the former managing director of Game Freak and producer of the “Pokémon” series, has changed his position and will serve as the chief creative researcher of The Pokémon Company from now on. Junichi Masuda, who previously served as the managing director of Game Freak, has been […]

Steam Deck confirmed for February 25 launch, Taiwan will have to wait | 4Gamers

are you waiting for him? Okay you waited. Valve has confirmed that the portable gaming computer Steam Deck is expected to be officially launched on February 25th, with the first batches scheduled to start shipping on February 28th. Related Reading:Steam Deck specs, news, live footage and more According to Valve’s arrangement, players who previously reserved […]

China Trust established the “League of Legends” team to enter the new PCS season, and the public list will be announced on the 27th | 4Gamers

China Trust Education officially announced today (25th) that the professional e-sports team established by China Trust will simultaneously announce its participation in the 2022 “League of Legends” Pacific Championship Series (PCS); more information will be released in the near future. In a statement, China Trust pointed out that it has supported outstanding e-sports players to […]