BA.2.86: A Potentially Concerning Mutant Loci with Global Outbreak Potential

Characteristics of Viral Mutation The world is growing increasingly concerned about the BA.2.86 mutant loci, as they are more prevalent compared to other forms of the Omicron variant. Previous epidemics of BA.2, as well as XBB.1.5 and EG.5.1, have also raised alarm (Figure 1, Cr: Topol E, Scripps Research). There are various perspectives on these […]

“Infected with COVID” found 6 new abnormal symptoms with significant significance

epidemic situationCOVID Currently, countless strains have been developed until the latest outbreak of COVID in Thailand, of which more than 70% are the Omicron BA.2.75 subspecies. a symptom of COVID also change which is the latest research Found abnormal symptoms occur afterInfected with COVID significantly Assoc.Prof.Dr.Theera Worathanarat or “Doctor Thera” Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University […]

“Contaminated with Covid”, the threat of this sickness is really high. It is observed in small children and older people.

It is nicely known from previous analysis that immediately afterContaminated with COVIDIt will cause a possibility of a variety of long-term disorders, diseases of the mind and anxious technique. cardiovascular procedure cardiovascular technique reproductive program digestive technique And an additional vital detail is the procedure.endocrine to raise the risk of resulting inDiabetesextra “Doctor Thira” Professor.Dr.Teera […]