V3-ALTER save data dump & write procedure

The “V3-ALTER Open Source Cartridge Reader” is the definitive version of the multi-damper. One unit supports 6 models such as Super Famicom and NINTENDO 64, and by using an optional adapter, you can cover 6 types such as Famicom and PC Engine. Let’s see how to dump save data with this V3-ALTER. Spend saving data […]

A browser that collects virtual money by surfing the net

“Brave” is a high-performance browser that attracts attention because it has an ad-blocking function as standard and also has a built-in “Tor” anonymous browser. Brave automatically blocks ads on any website, but you can also display ads and earn pocket money. Let’s take a look at the features of Brave that allow you to accumulate […]

A smartwatch with a hard body costs just 5,000 yen

Blackview, a Chinese company known as a one-of-a-kind smartphone maker, has a thermal camera and a sturdy body with a bumper. The gene that excelled at that trick was firmly inherited in the smartwatch. Let’s take a look at the “Blackview X5” smartwatch that can be used as an outdoor watch. Blackview X5 has a […]

Two units that shocked the specified low power transmission industry

In 2021, the special low power transceiver that suddenly appeared is “DJ-P113R”. At first glance, it looks like a simple indoor repeater, but it was a dedicated low-power transmitter that prided itself on its “ultra-multi-functionality”. Let’s take a look at the unique products of Alinco, a pioneer in the world of dedicated low power transmitters […]

Chrome extension ported to “Brave” PC version

The high performance browser application “Brave” with ad blocking function is gaining attention. In fact, Brave is not only for smartphones, but also has a Windows version that can be used on a PC. The Windows version of the Brave browser has the advantage of being able to use Chrome extensions as they are. Let’s […]

A smartwatch that can measure blood pressure is less than 6,000 yen

“LEMFO” is a smart watch manufacturer that has a number of multi-function devices close to 30,000 yen from entry models around 5,000 yen. Among the entry-level models, the LF26Pro features a mechanical watch-like look with a chronograph-style dial and metal band. A smart watch that can measure blood pressure. Blood pressure measurement with LEMFO smartwatch […]

A smartwatch that also measures REM sleep is less than 6,000 yen

“SOUNDPEATS Watch2” is the second smartwatch series produced by the Chinese earphone brand “SOUNDPEATS”. It has a new blood oxygen concentration measurement function, and the main body has been made smaller, so that it can be worn without strain even while sleeping. The 1.28-inch display makes it easy to operate. SOUNDPEATS Watch2 has a full […]

A smartwatch performance with built-in GPS that you can buy for 5,000 yen

“Uwatch3 GPS”, which has a slightly stronger homage to a specific smartwatch, is a model of UMIDIGI, known for cheap smartphones in China. There are 3 lines in the smartwatch department, and this Uwatch series is the basic line. Let’s take a look at the usability of a simple GPS integrated smartwatch made by a […]

The Alinco effect, which pushes its own path even in digital form

Alinco, a manufacturer that continues to amaze the wireless industry with its originality, is pushing its own path in the world of simple digital wireless registration stations (dejikan). The digital card system was established in 2008, but Alinco entered the market in 2011, as development was delayed. Alinco is unique here too. Alinco’s original communication […]