Silent Return | Borrow My Mom – Blonde Luth Gypsy (@LuzWu222)

Recently, PTV started broadcasting the drama series “Return of Peace” produced by the “International Bridge Club”. Now that the Covid-19 epidemic is gradually becoming popular, it is also very good to show this drama series with the background of the closing of the Ysbyty Heddwch during the SARS period in 2003. Interesting timing, when I […]

From Monkey to Game and Me Chat

Monkey In the history of video games, monkeys appear from time to time🐒 Which one are you thinking of? Is it Donkey Kong? Monkey Island? Or Super Monkey Ball? Sword and Fairy Tale DOS version: The monkey begging for bananas in the giant forest In the game you are thinking of, does the monkey play […]

Mystery of the Dangerous City – Jiran (@ericgoodboy)

I watched the Spanish horror film Infiesto (Chinese translation is “The Mystery of the Dangerous City”) on Netflix. What attracted me was the background of the new crown virus in the early stage of the European pandemic. The hero and heroine are both professional. policemen. A girl was kidnapped in the city. Moreover, the criminal […]

【Cryptocurrency】 Meme Coin under the chain Vite – Vinu

Wine Vinu coin is a token under the vite chain. Its aim is to catch up with Dogecoin. Meme Coin, which surpasses Shiba Inucoin, also needs to join through the Dc community. Most of’ r activities on this, but in the near future the team has plans If you want to develop on Telegram, you […]

Happy New Year – atyh (@himhim2234)

I was so busy yesterday. First, Ms AT brought Tresor Mawr and Mawr to our place to celebrate the New Year. During the time, I had to play with Big and Little Treasure. After that, they want to play xbox again. What , I really didn’t expect my xbox to be so popular. My wife […]

Museum of the Web of Space3 – Curator’s Notes 9 Create a New NFT This time, considering that users of Materion are mostly polygon wallets, it will be placed in opensea. Interested partners are welcome to leave polygon wallets. This NFT, along with a white pixel in that whiteboard, will also be given away. Space DAO is a platform for creating pixel art, so […]