Ive Ray Surprises Fans with Swimming Skills in Instagram Post

An Unexpected Revelation: Ive Ray’s Graceful Swimming In a surprising turn of events, Ive Ray delighted fans with a stunning video of herself swimming. The Lay member took to her Instagram on the 12th to share two videos, accompanied by emojis referencing the Little Mermaid and fish. The footage showcases Ive gracefully entering the water […]

Eunbin Note: Park Eun-bin Receives Praise for Flawless Performance as Ive Cover

Actor Park Eun-bin Receives High Praise for Perfect Coverage of Ive’s Performance Posted by Ahn Yoon-ji | June 26, 2023 20:56 The highly talented actor, Park Eun-bin, showcased his remarkable skills in a recent fan party. In a video titled “‘Eunbin Note: HI BINGO’ fan party behind the scenes (feat. 904% excitement satisfaction),” uploaded by […]

Ive finished his first full album… ‘Urddas’, the 9th gold medal

Grŵp IVE successfully completed their first full-length album / ⓒStarship Entertainment [시사포커스 / 이청원 기자] Girl group IVE has successfully completed their first full-length album activities. According to the agency on the 1st, Ive (Ahn Yu-jin, Ga-gae, Lay, Jang Won-young, Liz, Yiseo) finished the SBS broadcast ‘Inkigayo’ on the 30th of last month, and the […]

As soon as he came back, Ive won 2 trophies on the circle chart as the first regular!

‘MZ Wannabe Icon’ Ive (IVE: Ahn Yu-jin, Ga-eul, Lay, Jang Won-young, Liz, Yi-seo) won two gold medals on the circle chart. According to the Pie Chart announcement, Ive is the 14th week (April 2-8, 2023) with the double title song ‘Kitsch’ from the first full-length album ‘I’ve IVE’ released on the 10th. ) ranked first […]

BTS, March Brand Reputation 1st Star… 2nd Lim Young-woong

BTS [빅히트뮤직 제공] As a result of a big data analysis of Star Brand Reputation in March, BTS was in first place. According to the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute on the 30th, as a result of the star brand big data survey measured from the 28th to the 30th of last month, BTS came […]

Jang Won-young, graduating from Seo Craft today (9th) “I’m 20 years old, I can’t believe it… I’ll show a more mature image”

ⓒReporter Lee Hye-young [스포츠한국 조은애 기자] Ive Group member Jang Won-young shared his thoughts on graduating from high school. Jang Won-young said through his agency Starship Entertainment on the 9th, “Thank you to everyone who congratulated me on my graduation. It’s a shame that I couldn’t meet and say hello to my friends and […]

Running Man X Ive has an endless swap dance party

[뉴스컬처 최혜란 기자] In SBS’s ‘Running Man’, broadcast on the 29th, the members will be reborn as idols following Ive’s special training. As far as Ive appeared, the ‘exchange dance’ mission was revealed to show off their dancing skills, and the members couldn’t hide their excitement, saying, “Idols do a lot.” Ive started the demonstration […]