Russia fires missiles in the capital and parts of Ukraine | 9 March ’23

Russia has fired missiles at the capital and parts of Ukraine. . Currently, an important frontline of the Ukrainian war that many parties follow closely is the City of Bakmut in the Donetsk region. Russia’s Wagner group is said to have captured more than 50 percent of Bagmut. . To this day, Russia has attacked […]

Train crash protesters clash with police in Greece | 4 March 23

Train crash protesters clash with police in Greece . Train accident in Greece The accident that should not have happened caused people throughout the country to protest and turn out to protest. . Regarding the progress of the latest investigation, there is a new audio clip which reveals The station master ordered the train driver […]

Russia claims that Ukraine tried to use drones to attack Crimea | 2 March ’23

Russia claims Ukraine Tried to Use Drones to Strike Crimea The war in Ukraine, which has been entering its second year, has become increasingly complex and violent. . Heavy fighting between Russia and Ukraine in the area. Especially in the city of Bagmut in the Donetsk region. in the eastern part of Ukraine Russia claims […]