Accused PR Aravindakshan Makes Suspicious Phone Calls from Jail in Karuvannur Money Laundering Case, Says Enforcement Directorate

Kochi Bank Money Laundering Case: Accused PR Aravindakshan Allegedly Made Phone Calls from Jail Investigation Reveals Suspected Communication with Third Party Kochi: The ongoing investigation into the Karuvannur Bank money laundering case has revealed that two individuals engaged in extended conversations with the third accused, as well as local CPM leader PR Aravindakshan, over the […]

Shashi Tharoor Aims to Change Politics for the New Generation

Tharoor Looks to Change Politics for New Generation Thiruvananthapuram – MP Shashi Tharoor expressed his determination to revolutionize politics for the new generation in the coming years. He stated that, while adhering to the party’s guidelines, he is prepared to contest both parliamentary and assembly elections without any reluctance. The assembly elections are scheduled to […]

Kerala Bank President Affirms No Support for Co-operative Banks Engaging in Illegal Activities

Thiruvananthapuram Bank Affirms No Support for Banks Engaged in Illegal Activities By [Author’s Name], [Date] The President of Kerala Bank, Gopi Kotamurikal, has emphasized the institution’s commitment to upholding financial discipline and maintaining transparency while addressing the ongoing banking crisis. He asserted that Kerala Bank does not engage in assisting banks troubled by irregularities and […]

High Court Names Child Amidst Parental Dispute Over Daughter’s Name

Differences Between Parents Over Naming of Girl Resolved by High Court Kochi, [Date] – In a recent legal battle, the High Court stepped in to name a young girl after an estranged couple could not agree on a suitable name for their daughter. The court invoked its special power, citing the welfare of the child […]

Mysterious Murder of Malayali Businessman Found Hanging in New Delhi Park

Thiruvalla Businessman Found Brutally Murdered in New Delhi Park A shocking incident unfolded in the heart of the capital as a Malayali businessman was discovered lifeless, hanging from a tree in a local park. Identified as Thiruvalla Mepral, the victim served as the SNDP Dwarka branch secretary and resided in the esteemed Kailat House in […]

BJP prioritizes six constituencies in Kerala for Lok Sabha elections

BJP to Prioritize Six Constituencies in Kerala for Lok Sabha Elections Kozhikode: As the Lok Sabha elections draw near, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has identified six key constituencies in Kerala to focus on during its initial phase of preparations. Additionally, speculations are rife that a prominent leader from outside the state may contest in […]

Former Governing Body Member Faces Burden of Fraud: The Life of VK Sugathan

Iringalakuda: From Prominent Figure to Rented House Dweller – Sugathan’s Struggle In a twist of fate, VK Sugathan, a former member of the governing body, finds himself without a home or any property. He now lives in a modest rented house, earning a living as a security guard. His life took a dark turn when […]