Unfortunately, the “ruthless husband” killed the “wife” and buried the ground to cover up the case. After a serious argument by family problems

Yesterday afternoon (7 November 65) Pol Col Issaraphan Surathip, Inspector of Investigation at Tase Police Station,Yalla the villagers informed that the body had been foundbury In the area, Village No. 1, Ban Yupo, Yupo Subdistrict, Mueang DistrictYalla Therefore, the force traveled to investigate the location of the accident. with the staff of Evidence Center 10 […]

What will the “job horoscope” look like during 8-14 November 2022?

method of divination : Let you concentrate and choose fortune card 1 rat from the number one card. card number two or card number three to predict this week’s life story in each subject PICK-A- CARD: An overview of your work this week. Prophecy for those who choose the 1st card 1st card predicts: Many […]