Scream “Jay B” visits “Bangkok” again to the point of goosebumps.

scream when Bangkok receive “Jay B” (JayB – Im Jaebum) head Got7 again call hot trending twitter with hashtags #WelcomeJAYBtoThailand Because it doesn’t even land in Thailand, and most importantly Korean singer “Jay B” (Jay B – Im Jae Bum) just came world tour in Thailand on 14-16 Oct 65 and just returned less than […]

“Anna Suea-ngam-iam” believes and does her best – every girl is a “tiger”

A very golden year of the beauty queen industry after “Ann Chakrabongse” has announced a purchase Miss Universe Organization (MUO) It is 100% Thai owned and recently organized an event JKN Global Group presents Miss Universe Extravaganza A fantastic universe is called the launch press conference. MOO official the biggest time because in the event, […]

“My Mate Nate” generous gifts of gold necklace “Tac Pranyu”

Back again with the list “IDOL FIGHT Thailand” Season 3 A boxing arena that gathers the idols of the Thai entertainment industry Let’s challenge each other in this field, and most recently, with the final challenger. “Tack Pharanyu” a “Nate my friend Nate” who competes in a worthy competition and called The most broken Deserves […]

Open the photo of the crematorium “Sorpong Chatree”, a former hero of all time. Before the funeral today

By yesterday (5 November 2022) late at night “Duangduen Jithaisong” A woman “Soraphong Chatree” or National Artist “Ek Soraphong”. former hero forever senior actor is dead moves through personal Facebook Duangduaen Jithaisong by posting pictures Open the crematorium oh Sorapong Chatree, the late husband which was completed beautifully and grandly, with a message stating that […]

“Taylor Swift” is the first singer to break the Billboard record.

most popular no undertone for Taylor Swift is an American singer. A person who is the idol of many people. that no matter what song or album is released Soar to the top of all the music charts. In addition, album sales are always higher than expected. which in recent months After she swept the […]