In the end, “Saipan Apinya” spent more than 2 years winning a defamation case against a diving instructor.

because “Saipan” or “Apinya Sakulcharoensuk” has filed a lawsuit against “diving instructors” posting defamation through social media Destroying reputation and business, diving, and most recently, during December 2022, traveled to follow the progress of the case again. As of today (January 26, 2023) he came out to update the story that happened again. “Saipan” Note […]

3 children who love God “Cha Eun Woo” – “Bewkin”

Get the latest news >> Komchadluek online The grand Thai-Korean relations festival “KonnecThai Festival 2023” has opened the first line. Korean actors and artists at the level of God’s love “Cha Eun Woo” are preparing to work with Thai love “Bewkin” and “JF Sater” first new experience with a festival that combines Thai civilization and […]