In the first 11 days of January, 607 foreigners were deported to Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY: 607 foreigners were deported from Kuwait in the first 11 days of January 2022, according to a deportation report. They have been arrested by security agencies from different parts of the country for various offenses. Official figures were released by the General Administration of Correctional Institutions and the Department of Deportation and Temporary […]

Visit visas for 53 foreign nationals in Kuwait online, Indians are not on the list

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwait will issue visiting visas to 53 foreign nationals online, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. E-visas are also available for technicians from GCC member countries, while on-arrival e-visas are available for those from 53 foreign countries. But India is not included in the list of these countries. .

Kuwait suspends inspections for illegal immigrants

Kuwait City: The Home Ministry has suspended the search for illegal immigrants in the country. Deportation centers and jails were packed with detainees. Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. “ Several people have been arrested in the last few days as part of a security campaign in […]

The 15th Annual General Meeting of the Sarathi Trust was held.

Kuwait City: The 15th Annual General Meeting of the Educational and Charitable Trust of Sarathi Kuwait was held on Friday 24th September 2021 through the Online Zoom Platform. The meeting was presided over by Sarathi Trust Chairman Shri Suresh K and inaugurated by Sarathi Kuwait President Shri Sajeev Narayanan. Secretary Shri Vinod Kumar CS and […]

Balavedi Kuwait Webinar Organized | Kuwait

Kuwait City: Balavedi Kuwait, the creative venue for Malayalee children in Kuwait, organized a webinar under the banner ‘Happy fear’. The webinar, led by Dr. IT Elangovan, Kuwait ‘s leading motivational speaker, focused on how to reduce the fear of children facing problems and how to build confidence. Balavedi President Kumari Ananthaka Dileep welcomed the […]

Written exams in private schools in Kuwait have been canceled

Kuwait City സർക്കാർ The government has decided to cancel the written exams in private schools in Kuwait. Avoidance of written exams in private schools comes at a time when Kovid cases are on the rise in the country Decided by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education. The decision applies to all schools across the country, said […]

Cabinet resigns in Kuwait Kuwait

Kuwait City:. Cabinet resigns in Kuwait The new cabinet, which is just a month old, has resigned amid political uncertainty and divisions. The Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khalid Al Hamad Al Sabah arrived at the Bayan Palace and presented his resignation to the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah. As […]

Uncertainty remains over the arrival of domestic workers to Kuwait

Kuwait City: Uncertainty remains over the arrival of domestic workers to Kuwait. The crisis erupted as many countries introduced quotas for various airlines. So far, only one flight from the Philippines has reached Kuwait. With the increase in demand for domestic workers, the opportunity for domestic workers to come directly to Kuwait has increased, but […]