Kwon Seong-dong “Democratic urge to impeach the president by candlelight”… Park Seong-joon “Kwon, the most corrupt political language”

Source: Yonhap News People’s Power Representative Kwon Seong-dong criticized, “Some Democratic Party lawmakers are participating in the candlelight vigil and starting the impeachment of President Yoon Seok-yeol.” Rep. Kwon Seong-dong posted on his SNS, “Today, left-wing groups like the Candlelight Victory Conversion Movement are holding a rally against Yoon Seok-yeol’s government. It has been used […]

[단독] Even the Chairman of the Road Traffic Authority?

◀ anchor ▶ Yesterday the Audit and Inspection Board reported that more than 7,000 public officers’ worth of five years’ use of the railways had been submitted, and among them, data from the civil years of agency heads who were under pressure to resign from their positions was included. passports. Following Kim Je-nam, chairman of […]

[아주경제 오늘의 뉴스 종합] Create conditions for dialogue with China in response to North Korea’s provocations

[사진=아주경제 DB] In response to North Korea’s provocation, China is asking to create conditions for dialogue In response to North Korea’s successive armed provocations, the Chinese government said, “Since the current situation on the Korean Peninsula is complex and sensitive, it hopes that relevant parties will avoid provocative words and actions and create conditions for […]

[2022 국감] The overprotection of non-nuclear warfare… Kwon Seong-dong bites his tongue and dies against Kim Je-nam Apologise

People’s Power Representative Kwon Seong-dong explains the comments he made to Kim Je-nam, chairman of the Nuclear Security Institute, “I would rather bite my tongue and die” at the National Assembly’s over-protection inspection on the 7th . [사진=연합뉴스] On the 7th, the Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communications Committee of the National Assembly held a […]

Kwon Seong-dong, over the hotel controversy, “It is against the Democrats to talk about tax waste”

[사진 제공:연합뉴스] People’s Power Floor Leader Kwon Seong-dong criticized the controversy surrounding the new guesthouse construction plan, saying, “The fact that the Democratic Party is talking about tax waste itself is contradictory.” Floor leader Kwon said on social media this morning, “The Democratic Party is consistent with political struggles.” He added, “What’s the problem if […]

Kwon Seong-dong, ‘collective delusion’ in the case of the Democratic Party’s claim of ‘Kim Geon-hee’s new hotel order’

권성동 국민의힘 원내대표가 16일 오전 국회에서 열린 원내대책회의에서 발언하고 있다. [국회사진기자단 권성동 국민의힘 원내대표가 영빈관 신축 관련 더불어민주당의 비판에 대해 “정부의 외교 인프라까지 정쟁의 소재로 삼고 있다는 자백”이라고 17일 비판했다. 윤석열 대통령 배우자인 김건희 여사가 영빈관 신축을 지시했다는 민주당 주장에 대해서는 “집단적 망상”이라고 비판했다. 권 원내대표는 이날 오전 사회관계망서비스(SNS)에서 전날 윤 대통령의 영빈관 신축계획 철회 […]

People’s Energy Appointed New Vice Chairman, 5th Agent Jeong Jin-seok

Source: Yonhap Information The agent Jeong Jin-seok, who is the vice chairman of the Countrywide Assembly, has been appointed as the new chairman of the People’s Electric power. People’s Ability Ground Leader Kwon Seong-dong satisfied with reporters after the parliamentary assembly held at the Countrywide Assembly this afternoon and mentioned, “I requested National Assembly Vice […]

The electric power of the people, smashing the ‘captainless Joo Ho-younger…’ “Kwon Seong-dong Wondae functions as a party consultant”

Kwon Seong-dong, floor chief attending the Crisis Reaction Committee [국회사진기자단] All members of the People’s Electric power Disaster Reaction Committee resigned ahead of launching a new non-captain member. Chief Speaker Park Jeong-ha achieved with reporters at the Nationwide Assembly today and reported, “The individual who is not the captain of the People’s Ability held a […]