Vissel Kobe seals victory against Kyoto Sanga FC in Meiji Yasuda J1 League

Vissel Kobe Beats Kyoto Sanga FC in Meiji Yasuda J1 League Division 26 In a thrilling match held on September 3rd at the Meiji Yasuda J1 League, Vissel Kobe emerged victorious against Kyoto Sanga FC. The game took place at Kobe’s Noevir Stadium. The 26th Division clash between Vissel Kobe and Kyoto Sanga FC saw […]

Daichi Hara Joins Kyoto Sanga FC in Permanent Transfer from Deportivo Alaves

Breaking News: Daichi Hara Announces Permanent Transfer to Kyoto Sanga FC July 3, 2023 | Best Team We are delighted to announce that Daichi Hara has made the decision to join Kyoto Sanga FC on a permanent transfer from Deportivo Alaves in Spain. Introducing: Daichi Hara Date of Birth: May 5, 1999 (age 24) Hometown: […]

Sota Kawasaki, Fuuki Yamada U22 Japan National Team “European Tour March in Germany/Spain” Member Choice Announcement | Kyoto Sanga CPD Official Site

news Sota KAWASAKI, Fuuki YAMADA U-22 Japan National Team “March Europe Tour in Germany/Spain” Selection Announcement 2023/3/16| top team The Japan Football Association announced today that Sota Kawasaki and Fuuki Yamada have been selected as members of the Japan U-22 National Team for the “European Tour in March in Germany/Spain”. Sota Kawasaki attention “I’m very […]

Ruma Nakano (Ritsumeikan University) Announced New Join for 2025 Season and JFA/J.League Special Designated Player Endorsement for 2023 | Kyoto Sanga FC Official Site

Announcing new signing Ruma Nakano (Ritsumeikan University) for the 2025 season and JFA/J.League Special Designated Player approval for 2023 Kyoto Sanga FC has announced that Ritsumeikan University midfielder Ryuma Nakano will join the top team as a new player for the 2025 season and will be a special player for the JFA/J League 2023. We […]

2/5 (Sunday) “Opening Support Kickoff Event” Kyoto Station Building Announce Appearance of Wakahara, Matsuda and Fukuda | Kyoto Sanga FC Official Site

Announcing the appearance of Wakahara, Matsuda, and Fukuda at the “opening ceremony support kick-off event” held on 2/5 (Sun.) @ Kyoto station building From February 5th (Sun), Kyoto Station Building Development Co, Ltd will hold the “Kyoto Sanga FC 2023 Season Opening Support Kickoff Event”. Wakahara, Matsuda, and Fukuda will appear in the “Athletes Talk […]