The Unbreakable Friendship of Siddique and Lal: A Journey in Malayalam Cinema

Siddique and Lal: A Unique Partnership in Malayalam Cinema When asked about the secret to their successful collaboration, Siddique attributed it to their similar mindset and sense of humor. He emphasized how they would often say the exact same thing simultaneously, which allowed them to work harmoniously together. In the realm of Malayalam cinema, this […]

Sreenath Bhasi Lal saiju kurup starring movie pooja dal cast featuring romancham fame abin bino | Isn’t this our Shijapan! Srinath Bhasi stars in Romancham; Puja pictures

The film stars Srinath Bhasi, Lal, Saiju Kurup, Salim Kumar, Raveena Ravi, Abhija, Vijayakumar, Rajesh Sharma and others in lead roles. Pooja the new film produced by Faisal Raja and Remeez Raja under Little Crew Production banner was held in Kochi. Titled Tentative Production No. 1, the film is directed by debutant Joe George. The […]

director-lal-shares-an-image-of-urvashi-theaters-house-that-made-malayalees-laugh | ‘You know if you know’… Do you understand this house that made Malayalees laugh?

photo-instagram Even after the passage of time, there are some characters that Malayali people do not forget. Immortal characters who seem to be living among us even today. One such film is Ramji Rao Speaking to Malayalis. Mannar Matthai, Balakrishnan, Gopalakrishnan and their Urvashi Theaters will remain in the minds of the Malayali audience even […]

actress attack case have been discussed in Thrikkakara by election

File image Cochin: Actor and director says case against actress in Thrikkakara by-election should have been discussed. Lal’s answer to the question whether the case of attacking the actress during the election was dragged out unnecessarily. ‘This is not to say that the subject is unnecessary. That is the problem in the country. Plus or […]

lal’s facebook post: I received an Oscar from Mari Selvaraj! വൈരലായി ലാലിൻറെ ചിത്രം – my oscar award for karnan from director mari selvaraj, lal’s facebook post goes viral

Dhanush starrer ‘Karnan’ is a critically acclaimed film. Lal and Rajisha Vijayan also starred in the film directed by Mari Selvaraj after ‘Pariyerum Perumal’ which was a hit with the audience. Yogi Babu, Nataraja Subramaniam, Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli and Gauri G Kishan were also in the lead roles. Also Read: മെഘജാലകം തുറന്നു നോക്കിടുന്നുവോ … ‘ലളിതം […]

ലാൽ | Actress Abuse Case | | Lal | | Dileep | | Manorama News |

Kochi: Actor and director Lal has said that the rumors circulating on social media in connection with the assault case against the actress are false. What was said in the past is being propagated without visuals as if it was said today. No new statement has been made. Lal also said on Facebook that there […]

Divya Unni with Mammootty

Divya Unni has shared pictures with stars including Mammootty and Manju Warrier The meeting of the star organization Amma was held in Kochi a few days ago. Most of the players came to attend the meeting. Divya Unni, who has been away from cinema since her marriage, was also present at the meeting. The actress […]