Shrinking volume and closing up: the turnover of nearly one trillion digital currencies strengthens, and the northbound funds inflow rapidly in late trading – yqqlm

The A-share market closed in February,Shanghai IndexIt rose 3%, while the index fell 0.96%. On February 28, the three major A-share stock indexes collectively opened slightly lower. After a short period of high, there was a trend of diving and bottoming, and then remained weak and fluctuated within a narrow range. The Shanghai and Shenzhen […]

Receipt: The three major indexes rebounded in late trading, the Shanghai stock index rose 0.5%, and cyclical stocks such as coal and steel set off their daily limit wave

On September 9, the three major indexes opened up and down mixed, after the openingShanghai IndexAround the flat line and the fluctuations, the band index once fell more than 1%. In terms of sectors, the meta universe concept led the game sector to plummet, the coal sector continued its strength, and cyclical stocks such as […]