Ishiwata, a solo game developer, starts distributing “GoKnight”, a game that helps the main character by drawing a line, on the AppStore / GooglePlay | gamebiz

Ishiwata, a solo game developer, started distributing “GoKnight”, a game that helps the main character by drawing a line, on the AppStore / GooglePlay from January 31st. The fee is free. [Trosolwg gêm]“GoKnight” is a mystery solving action game where you can draw a line just by touching it, and the character moves to the […]

Square Enix, “FFXIV” “Valentine’s Day” limited time event will be held from today! Eorzea Cafe also has a “Valentine’s Day” inspired menu! |gamebiz

Square Enix has announced that it will be holding a limited time in-game “Valentine’s Day” event starting today (February 1) in “FINAL FANTASY XIV (FFXIV)”. During the event period, you can get items like new equipment by clearing quests. In addition, the seasonal event “Valentine’s Day” is being held until March 6 at the collaboration […]

Indie game creator kunitoku starts distributing “What shape? Silhouette 3D Quiz”! A quiz game that leads the answer from a 3D silhouette | gamebiz

On January 31, 2023, indie game creator “kunitoku” released a new game called “Nankatachi? Silhouette Quiz 3D” on the AppStore and GooglePlay. In this work, you can rotate the silhouette with a swipe and use your imagination. Animals, vehicles, furniture, buildings, food, tools, plants, etc. appear as 3D silhouettes. A total of 100 questions are […]

Capcom expands “Monster Hunter Rise” compatible hardware and releases it as a DL title only! A major expansion pack “Sun Break” will appear this spring! |gamebiz

CapcomOn this day (January 20), “Monster Hunter Rise” was expanded to Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows, Game Pass, PlayStation5, and PlayStation4 and released as a download-only title. In addition to the released commemorative item pack useful for hunting life, extensive event quests and free downloadable content are also distributed. “Monster Hunter Rise” […]

NetEase Games acquires Canadian game studio “SkyBox Labs” NetEase will support development and management, but will continue to respect the independence of SkyBox Labs | gamebiz

NetEase announced that NetEase Games, which is responsible for the company’s games division, has acquired 100% of the Canadian game studio “SkyBox Labs” and made it a subsidiary. SkyBox Labs is a full-service game development studio founded in 2011. We work on game development in partnership with world-class publishers Xbox Game Studios, Wizards of the […]

Asobimo, “ETERNAL” will hold a “New Year Login Bonus” where you can get omikuji and lucky bags! “Help for beginners / welcome back login bonus” is also held | gamebiz

Asobimo has announced that it will hold a “New Year Login Bonus” where you can receive omikuji and lucky bags to celebrate the New Year in “ETERNAL”. In addition, “Beginner Help Login Bonus” and “Welcome Back Login Bonus” are held for those who play “ETERNAL” for the first time or for those who have not […]