Sega, “Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation” will present the official broadcast “5th Anniversary Devil Appearance Special” from 20:00 on December 30 (Friday)! |gamebiz

Sega will release the official broadcast “5th Anniversary Devil Appearance Special”, which will present the latest information about “Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation (hereafter referred to as “D2 Megaten”)” on December 30 , 2022 (Friday) is presented from 20:00. This time, we will present a lot of information about the new devil that will appear […]

Square Enix’s “FINAL FANTASY XIV Pop-up Shop” will open for a limited time at Osaka’s “Lucua Ele” from January 18! Pre-sale of cooperation products with “STEAM CREAM” | gamebiz

Square Enix will open a pop-up store at the “Lucua Ele” commercial facility in Umeda, Osaka from January 18 to January 24, 2023 for “FINAL FANTASY XIV (FFXIV)”. In addition to the pre-sale of collaboration products with “STEAMCREAM” moisturizing cream that can be used for whole body moisturizing care, FFXIV official merchandise will also be […]

Cyberstep, PandaShojo developed a novel game “Menhera Ensemble – Needy Girlfriends -” released on Nintendo eShop!

cyber crimehas started distributing the novel game “Menhera Ensemble -Needy Girlfriends-” developed by the novel game brand PandaShojo on December 22, 2022 in the Nintendo eShop (1980 yen). promotional video I want to experience loving someone to death.“Menhera Ensemble -Needy Girlfriends-” is a visual novel that makes such wishes come true.The beautiful girl game released […]

Square Enix, “Romasaga RS” will be holding a “4th Anniversary 4th” from today! “Holy Night Festival 4th Anniversary Romance Festival Edition” and more! |gamebiz

Square Enix and Akatsuki Games have announced that “Romancing Sagari Universe” will hold the “4th Anniversary Part 4” from December 22nd. ▼ Event details 4th Anniversary 4th Login Bonus!During the period, you can get the following items by logging in for up to 3 days.・ Congratulations! 4th birthday!platinum ticket[期間限定] ×150・ Congratulations! 4th birthday!expedition instant return […]

Nihon Falcom, the second installment of Switch “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-” released in the spring of 23 “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” HD remaster and additional elements | gamebiz

It’s Falcomwill release “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-“, an HD remastered version of “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” with additional elements, as a second Nintendo Switch in-house title, in spring 2023. ■ About “Ys Memoire – Oath of Felgana”Released as a PlayStation®Portable (PSP) version in 2010, “Ys -The Oath of Felghana-“, which has been highly praised as one […]

FuRyu Releases Switch “Rational Shin-Oh (Rational Mind)” Worldwide! A digital game version of the brand new board game from Shogakukan! |gamebiz

Fluannounced that the Nintendo Switch download-only software “Logical Shino (Logical Thinking)” will be distributed simultaneously worldwide on December 15, 2022. This work is a digital game version of a completely new board game from Shogakukan. Using the abilities of 10 cards from “0” to “9”, it competes to see which of the two players can […]