FuRyu Releases Switch “Rational Shin-Oh (Rational Mind)” Worldwide! A digital game version of the brand new board game from Shogakukan! |gamebiz

Fluannounced that the Nintendo Switch download-only software “Logical Shino (Logical Thinking)” will be distributed simultaneously worldwide on December 15, 2022. This work is a digital game version of a completely new board game from Shogakukan. Using the abilities of 10 cards from “0” to “9”, it competes to see which of the two players can […]

Sega, “Shin Chronicle” has a login bonus and a limited mission where you can get a total of 950 “free games”! “Winter Campaign” will be held from today! |gamebiz

Sega has announced that it will hold a “Winter Campaign” in “Shin Chronicle” from December 1st, with login bonuses and limited missions where you can win luxurious prizes such as a total of 950 “Free Gems”. In addition, we are holding 10 consecutive special gacha with a lineup of ★3 limited characters that can be […]

Konami Entertainment Holds “Amusement Facility and Konaste PASELI Go! |gamebiz

On November 28, Konami Amusement launched the “Amusement & Konaste Facility PASELI Go! “Entertainment Facility and Konaste PASELI Go! A campaign in which 555 people will win PASELI worth 555 yen through a lottery if they spend 2,000 yen or more using “PASELI” at all of the entertainment facilities and Conaste. Let’s have “PASELI” while […]

Edia Decides To Port Nippon Telenet Shooting Game! Featuring “Granada”, “Avenger”, “Gaiares”, and “Psychic Storm”! | gamebiz

eat4 shooting game titles “Granada (Mega Drive)”, “Avenger (PC Engine)”, “Gaiares (Mega Drive)” and “Psychic Storm (PC Engine)” for Nintendo Switch as “Telenet Shooting Collection (Tentative)” Decided to develop ported to. At the same time, “Makuake” announced that crowdfunding related to the development of this work started today from November 22nd. Outline of “Telenet Shooting […]

Capcom launches “Resident Evil RE:3 Cloud” for Nintendo Switch today! |gamebiz

Capcomhas released “Resident Evil RE:3 Cloud”, a cloud version series that allows you to enjoy “Resident Evil” on Nintendo Switch, on November 18th. “Resident Evil RE:3” is a remake of “Resident Evil 3: Last Escape” released in 1999. It depicts the prequel and ending of the unprecedented biohazard “Raccoon Incident” depicted in “Resident Evil RE:2” […]