Nihon Falcom, the second installment of Switch “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-” released in the spring of 23 “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” HD remaster and additional elements | gamebiz

It’s Falcomwill release “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-“, an HD remastered version of “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” with additional elements, as a second Nintendo Switch in-house title, in spring 2023. ■ About “Ys Memoire – Oath of Felgana”Released as a PlayStation®Portable (PSP) version in 2010, “Ys -The Oath of Felghana-“, which has been highly praised as one […]

FuRyu Releases Switch “Rational Shin-Oh (Rational Mind)” Worldwide! A digital game version of the brand new board game from Shogakukan! |gamebiz

Fluannounced that the Nintendo Switch download-only software “Logical Shino (Logical Thinking)” will be distributed simultaneously worldwide on December 15, 2022. This work is a digital game version of a completely new board game from Shogakukan. Using the abilities of 10 cards from “0” to “9”, it competes to see which of the two players can […]

Sega, “Shin Chronicle” has a login bonus and a limited mission where you can get a total of 950 “free games”! “Winter Campaign” will be held from today! |gamebiz

Sega has announced that it will hold a “Winter Campaign” in “Shin Chronicle” from December 1st, with login bonuses and limited missions where you can win luxurious prizes such as a total of 950 “Free Gems”. In addition, we are holding 10 consecutive special gacha with a lineup of ★3 limited characters that can be […]

Konami Entertainment Holds “Amusement Facility and Konaste PASELI Go! |gamebiz

On November 28, Konami Amusement launched the “Amusement & Konaste Facility PASELI Go! “Entertainment Facility and Konaste PASELI Go! A campaign in which 555 people will win PASELI worth 555 yen through a lottery if they spend 2,000 yen or more using “PASELI” at all of the entertainment facilities and Conaste. Let’s have “PASELI” while […]