Transfer today, can the 3rd “State Welfare Card” payment be removed? Check it out!

update”state welfare card” for the month of January 2023, the Department of the General Manager, Ministry of Finance will transfer money to 13.22 million holders of “State Welfare Cards” until the start of the new round of state welfare card privileges 2023 in March 2023. In January, there are 3 installments of money transfers as […]

State Welfare Card for January 2023 Cash In Today Withdrawal or not, check now.

Czech”state welfare card” or a card for the poor, which today (January 18, 2023) the Comptroller General’s Department, Ministry of Finance transfers money to the card holder can be withdrawn in cash and can be accumulated in the next month as well Transfer of incoming funds “State Welfare Card” for January 2023, the second installment […]