Emerging conglomerate Abramovich enters Moscow and seeks a ceasefire in Ukraine | Reuters

Roman Abramovich (pictured) of the Russian oligarch, which is subject to sanctions against Russia by the European Union (EU), entered Moscow on a private jet early on the 15th. Taken at the Israeli International Airport on March 14, 2022 Reuters [Istanbul / Madrid / Brussels 15th Reuters]–Roman Abramovich, a Russian emerging conglomerate (Oligarch) who is […]

Corona infection re-spreads in rice, warning of Omicron’s “tsunami” | Reuters

It shows signs of widespread infection with the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus in the United States. According to Reuters, the number of hospitalized patients with the new coronavirus disease has increased by 45% from last month, and the number of newly infected people per day has increased by 40%, reaching an average of […]