“Slept for 4 days and wake up every night” thought it was not over yet Chen Yanbo revealed the hardships of the competition | Life | QUANTITY

Chen Yanbo has achieved good results in the cross-country competition recently, and also revealed the rigors of the competition. (Photo/Flipping Chen Yanbo’s Facebook page, same below) After 10 years, Taiwanese ultramarathoner Chen Yanbo competed again in the 700-kilometer polar crossing in Yukon, Canada. He finished the race in 10 days, 6 hours and 4 minutes, […]

My head is cloudy and I can’t remember?

One of the sequelae that people infected with coronavirus complain about is ‘Brain Fog’. Brain fog is a symptom where the head is stunned, unable to concentrate on work, and the thoughts are not clear and clouded as if there is a fog in the head. Brain fog is a form of cognitive dysfunction that, […]

[직장인 건강통계학❽] Are you having trouble sleeping because of urinating?

Kim Hae-yang, an office worker in his 40s, is experiencing physical changes that are different from before, such as hungry, thirsty, and urinating frequently even after eating these days. In addition, he lost weight for no reason and his lethargy worsened, so he went to the hospital and underwent a thorough check-up. Consequences of diabetes […]