‘I’m learning to walk with new shoes’; Kaniha talks about the injury

Kaniha is the favorite star of Malayalees. The actor, who used to share details with his fans through social media, has now informed his fans about the injury sustained during the shoot. Kaniha is currently resting due to a leg injury. The photo of the walker was shared with the caption, ‘Learning to balance with […]

The woman can’t even imagine – Rob Burrow | Wife | A Love Story | A way of life

Rob Burrow was a legendary player from Leeds Rhinos, the professional rugby league team in England. Leeds Rhinos won eight Super League Finals under Robin. But in 2019, Rob was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, which affects the nervous system. With this, Rob retired from rugby. Rob’s life was gradually confined to a wheelchair. Nothing […]

Father and Daughter in the Same Series – Mridhula | Yuva Krishna Girl

Actors Mridula Vijay and Yivakrishna share their happiness that their daughter Dhwani Krishna is a part of the series. Dhvani was cast as Sona’s daughter in Manjil Pooviriya, who plays the young lead. The stars shared the things from the time they left home to shoot through the YouTube channel. Yivakrishna’s first serial is Flowers […]

India was born in Pala India | New Born | Pala | Kottayam | Love n Life

Ranjith, a native of Kottayam Pala, named her daughter India. On July 12, Ranjith’s wife Sana gave birth to a baby girl at Pala Government Hospital. It had been decided years ago that if it was a daughter, she would be named India. Ranjith is happy that this has become a reality. Ranjith wanted to […]

Mridula Vijay – Mridhula Vijai | Actress | Baby Bump | Viral Photos

Serial actor Mridula Vijay shares full body pictures. ‘I will be a mother soon’ was written along with the pictures. Most of the pictures are of him holding his stomach. Mridula wears a purple sari. The necklace, earrings and bracelets are accessories. A few weeks ago, Mridula shared a video of the seventh month’s ceremony. […]