China Influence Index Taiwan media is the most influential in the world-International-Liberty Times newsletter

2022/12/09 04:00 [Asiantaeth Newyddion Canolog]The civic organization “Taiwan Democracy Lab” which focuses on issues such as information warfare and democratic resilience has today released the “China Influence Index” covering 82 countries and regions. The degree to which China influences the field is first. The Taiwan Democracy Laboratory launched the “China In The World” (CITW) project […]

What is China afraid of? Taiwan+ international audiovisual platform APP has been pulled from the shelves at China-Free Art Network

“Taiwan Plus” was posted on Facebook earlier, and the App Store notified the international audiovisual platform APP “Taiwan Plus” yesterday (10th) to be removed from the shelves in China. (Reporter Ling Meixue turned to Facebook “Taiwan Plus”) [Adroddiad yr Gohebydd Ling Meixue / Taipei]International audiovisual platform “Taiwan Plus” established by the Ministry of Culture has […]

Vocational Live” Kevez plays in reserve! Titans 2:3 Lions

Eighth inning On the 8th, the Titans replaced the pitcher Lai Zhiyuan. After 2 outs, Tang Zhaoting walked with four bad walks, and struck out Lin Zujie. seventh inning On the 7th, the Titans replaced pitcher Li Jianxun. After the 1st out, Chen Jiexian crossed the hit to center, Pan Jiekai was out on first […]