preparing to release tonight “Captain Bright” Brothers 4 B. : PPTVHD36

Midnight today will be the end of 7 days of detention of Police Captain Kunakorn Chachonbunthavorn or Captain Bright after being subject to disciplinary action. due to lack of government by the Superintendent of Suvarnabhumi Airport Police Station, stating that there is still no book attached to him for questioning Pol Captain Kunakorn Kajonbunthavorn Prue, […]

“Fat Arisara” reveals who? ask the police to investigate

It became a matter for the Conan people to work together again When the young mother “Arisara Fat Pure Gold” He got up suddenly and posted a message via Facebook in the middle of the night. Let the police help check the brothers. “B.” All 4 men run a large gambling website. with a message […]