Kuwait Takes the Lead in 5G Network Speed among Gulf Countries

Kuwait: Leading the Gulf Countries in 5G Network Speed Local Arabic Newspaper Reports: Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Outperform in Speed and Accessibility Kuwait has emerged as the frontrunner among Gulf countries in terms of 5G network speed, according to a recent report published by a local Arabic newspaper. The report, based on technical assessments, reveals […]

UAE Donates $15 Million to Support Palestinian Refugees in Jenin Camp

Dubai: UAE Pledges $15 Million to Aid Palestinian Refugees in Jenin Camp The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has pledged a generous $15 million donation to assist the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in addressing the pressing needs of Palestinian refugees residing in the devastated Jenin camp. […]

Kuwaiti Actress Amal Abbas Passes Away After Battling Illness

Kuwaiti Actress Amal Abbas Passes Away Kuwait – Prominent Kuwaiti actress Amal Abbas, aged 63, has sadly passed away after a prolonged illness that required extensive treatment. Amal began her illustrious acting career in Kuwait and the Gulf region back in 1984. Over the years, she mesmerized audiences with her captivating performances in numerous dramas […]

Expatriate Forum Demands Action on High Airfare Prices and Neglect of Overseas Workers

Expatriate Forum Calls for Government Intervention in Airfare Pricing Kawil Abdurahiman delivers keynote speech at Pravasi Sangam event organized by Welfare Party The Welfare Party’s Kodiathur Panchayat Welfare Committee held a successful Pravasi Sangam event at Cheruvadi, where the expatriate community gathered to discuss pressing issues. The forum was inaugurated by Sangamam party constituency president […]

Man Sentenced to Death for Killing Wife’s Mother in Kuwait

Accused Who Killed His Mother-in-Law Sentenced to Death in Kuwait Kuwait: In a landmark ruling, a criminal court in Kuwait has handed down a death sentence to a native citizen who murdered his wife’s mother. The court emphasized that the accused is not eligible for mercy, as taking another person’s life is strictly prohibited by […]

Prithviraj Productions Recognized for Correct Payment of Taxes and Success in Film Production and Distribution

Prithviraj Productions Acknowledged for Tax Compliance and Diversification Prithviraj Productions, a renowned film production and distribution company, has recently garnered accolades not only for its impeccable tax payment record but also for venturing into various aspects of the entertainment industry. The central government has recognized the company’s adherence to income tax regulations, leading to the […]

New Generation of Readers Share Meaningful Insights in ‘Chilla’ Monthly Reading

Monthly Reading Event Showcases Engaging New Generation of Readers Riyadh, June 2021 – The latest installment of the monthly reading event, “Chilla,” captivated attendees with its diverse selection of thought-provoking literature. Led by a new generation of readers, the event showcased an analytical approach to books and their impact on individual consciousness. Akhil, one of […]

Five Drug Smugglers Arrested in Kuwait: A Major Drug Bust

Five drug smugglers have been apprehended by the Criminal Security Department in Kuwait, according to the Ministry of Interior. The authorities seized half a kilo of drug chemicals and 70 psychotropic tablets from the individuals. The Ministry’s Public Relations and Security Media Division emphasized their ongoing efforts to combat drug abuse and trafficking. The smugglers […]

UAE Introduces Online Services for Drug Addiction Treatment on International Anti-Drug Day

Dubai Provides New Online Services to Combat Drug Addiction on International Anti-Drug Day The UAE is taking groundbreaking steps to address the issue of drug addiction by introducing new online services and treatments for patients. In commemoration of International Anti-Drug Day, these initiatives aim to revolutionize the way addicts receive assistance and support. “We are […]